Renault Vehicle Health Check

‎The Renault Vehicle Health Check is a comprehensive diagnostic service designed to ensure your Renault vehicle is in optimal condition. This examination is complimentary with any maintenance and service, and covers all key areas of your car, providing you with a detailed report on its current state and any potential issues that may need attention. The inspection includes checks on brakes, suspension, lights, steering, tyres, exhaust, and fluid levels.

Vehicle Health Check Traffic Light System

Red (Urgent Attention Required): This indicates that immediate action is needed. There are critical issues with your vehicle that require urgent attention to prevent further damage or ensure your safety on the road. It's crucial to address these problems as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs or potential breakdowns.

Amber (Upcoming Maintenance Required): This signifies that certain components of your vehicle will soon need maintenance. While the situation isn't critical yet, it’s advisable to schedule service in the near future to maintain optimal performance and prevent any issues from becoming serious. Attending to these items in a timely manner will help ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly.

Green (Car is at Optimum Level): This indicates that your vehicle is currently in excellent condition. All systems and components are functioning as they should, and no immediate maintenance is required. Your car is operating at its best performance level, giving you peace of mind on the road.

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