Renault Rethink

At Renault we’ve developed E-Tech ranges to ensure there’s a car to get you, well, electrified. The E-Tech 100% electric range says au revoir to petrol station visits. Instead, charge at home or en route, and travel with zero exhaust pipe emissions. Cars in our E-Tech hybrid range (full hybrid or plug-ins) combine a petrol engine with an electric motor, saving on fuel¹ and producing less CO2 emissions².

Cars that talk to firefighters to assist with rescue operations, AI driving instructors that help make you safer behind the wheel. It sounds like the future, it’s happening now.✝ That’s thanks to our “human first program”, which makes the safety of all road users our priority, with clever innovations to help reduce accidents. Runner, kid, cyclist, driver – we’ve got your back.
Experience being totally at one with your car, thanks to our connected services for better communication, comfort and safety✝ while you drive. OpenR link, with Google** built-in, puts all your apps at your fingertips. Use voice control to customise your surroundings and plan routes based on charging points. Even warm your vehicle before you get in with the My Renault app. Suddenly it’s a car, plus a smart device on wheels.^

Discover The E-Tech Range

*car shown is a prototype. The real one’s even better

✝Always follow road safety regulations. It is your responsibility to stay alert, drive safely and be in control of the vehicle at all times. Driver assistance features have speed and other limitations and should not be solely relied on. For more information, please refer to the owner’s manual or visit

1Based on WLTP mpg figures for the Renault hybrid range at 57.6-67.3mpg compared to the Renault petrol range at 47.9-54.3mpg. Actual real world driving results may vary.

²The official CO2 emissions for the Renault range (electric, hybrid and petrol) are 0-133g/km. WLTP figures shown are for comparability purposes. Actual real world driving results may vary depending on factors including the starting charge of the battery, accessories fitted after registration, weather conditions, driving styles and vehicle load.

**Google, Google Play, Android Auto, Google Maps, and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC.

^To use Connected Services you need a smartphone with compatible iOS or Android operating system. Connecting a smartphone to use the services should only be done when the car is parked safely. Services may be subject to mobile network coverage and additional charges. Users should follow road safety regulations when using the system and always be in control of the vehicle. For compatible devices, visit