Renault Brake Fluid Brake Fluid Change from Only £00 at Smiths Renault, Peterborough

The brake fluid in a vehicle is used to transfer the effort the driver exerts on the brake pedal, to the brake calipers and in turn the brake pads to slow down and stop the vehicle. As this is a safety critical system, we highly recommend you check your brake fluid level regularly (the video below shows you how), as well having your brake fluid replaced in-line with Renault's recommendations.

What Happens to Brake Fluid Over Time?

​Brake fluid has to operate in quite a harsh environment, it’s under pressure every time the driver applies the brakes, it absorbs the heat generated by the friction on the brake pads, dirt and debris from the hydraulic seals wearing and lastly moisture form the air (depending on the type of fluid used). Over time, this contamination causes a gradual deterioration of the fluid along with its ability to work properly.

How Will I Know if My Brake Fluid Needs to be Changed?

As changes to brake fluid happen gradually, and because emergency stops are not an everyday experience, drivers often don’t notice this drop of in performance until it causes a problem but some of the symptoms could be a feeling of spongy or soft brake pedal and brake fade. Brake fade is where the brakes seem to work OK as the driver initially applies them but in longer, harder braking situations the brake pedal can end up reaching the floor before the car has stopped. Also, if when checking your brake fluid level, you notice it to be a dark tea colour, this could also be a sign that it needs to be changed.

Having your brake fluid replaced in-line with the Renault's maintenance schedule will help to keep your braking performance operating at its optimum and also help to look after the condition of the internal parts of the braking system too. A relatively small investment in a brake fluid change will help to prevent more costly repairs later.

If you would like more information about your vehicle's brake fluid, or would like us to check or replace the fluid in your vehicle, please call our friendly service team on the following number:

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