Nissan NT400 Cabstar

For Your Business, the Solution is NT400 Cabstar

NT400 CABSTAR’S QUALITIES make it the favourite truck for all types of businesses, from sole traders to large companies. Equipped for maximum efficiency, it delivers valuable business benefi ts, including low cost of ownership, maximum load space with compact overall dimensions, and exceptional manoeuvrability.

Nissan NT400 Cabstar

NT400 Cabstar's varied range means there is a version to suit you, whatever your haulage needs. There are three wheelbases (2.5m, 2.9m and 3.4m) and three power outputs from its EURO5 engines. With a high output engine delivering 22% lower fuel consumption than the previous version, a choice of single or double cabs and a chassis with a wealth of conversion possibilities, choosing NT400 Cabstar is one of the smartest business decisions you can make. With a payload of up to 1,835kg on 3.5T versions, NT400 Cabstar has one of the best payloads in its class.

Streamline Your Processes

SMART, MODERN AND SPACE-EFFICIENT, NT400 CABSTAR’s advanced design offers a generous cab and extensive load space on a surprisingly short wheel base.

NT400 CABSTAR’s compact body and incredibly spacious interior all mean business: a genuine utility truck designed for work on the road.

Nissan NT400 Cabstar Box Van

A Welcoming Place to Work

NT400 CABSTAR is a seriously comfortable place to work. Despite its compact external dimensions, the cab offers you plenty of legroom, headroom and width – and the seats are especially made to offer premium comfort.

The extra large screen area provides exceptional visibility. The overall effect is a more relaxing environment where you’ll always feel comfortably in control.

Nissan NT400 Cabstar Interior

TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION makes working on the road easier. NT400 Cabstar's ultra-clear combimeter displays comprehensive information and includes a multifunctional computer for data on oil levels and oil quality, fuel consumption and mileage up to next refill.

Keep in touch with your network while you’re on the road using NT400 Cabstar's integrated audio entertainment system with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Manage all your paperwork thanks to an adjustable steering wheel and lots of intelligent storage space: sound ergonomics for effi cient business.

Organised & Effective

A TIDY, ORGANISED CAB is more welcoming and safer, so we’ve equipped NT400 Cabstar with up to 14 separate storage spaces. These include an A4 document space above the combimeter, a central cooled compartment that can take cans or small bottles, a separate glovebox, cooled or heated cup holders for the driver and passenger, roof storage and a spacious new tray-box tucked behind the central passenger seat which folds down for easy access and to become a useful side table.


The Kind of Power You Need

ALL THREE ENGINES give you ample power to climb hills, even when loaded, with either 5-speed (121PS) or 6-speed transmissions (for the 136PS and 145PS units). As an alternative to the standard rear axle, you can opt for a short ratio final drive - highly suitable for heavy-goods missions. For certain models, you can have Limited Slip Differential as standard equipment, which maintains drive even if one of the rear wheels is on a low grip surface, such as ice or mud.

Nissan NT400 Cabstar on the road

WITH ITS EURO5B+ 2.5 litre engines, NT400 Cabstar has pushed the limits in terms of power, torque and economy. Choose between three outputs of diesel, common rail, direct injection engines: 121PS/250Nm, 136PS/270Nm or 145PS/350Nm. Particularly quiet and fuel effi cient, these advanced engines are tailor-built for LCV use.

A More Relaxing Drive

NT400 CABSTAR IS EQUIPPED to take the effort out of driving. Its compact dimensions and small turning circle (from 9.6m kerb to kerb, depending on the wheelbase), make it easy to drive and park in confined locations, while independent front suspension and powered rack and pinion steering brings secure handling and a reassuring feel at all speeds.

Nissan NT400 Cabstar Turning

Safety Through Strength & Agility

WE’VE MADE SAFEGUARDING you and your loads a high priority. Consequently, front and rear disc brakes are standard on all NT400 Cabstars, with ABS and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) available to provide optimum braking performance. NT400 Cabstar’s strong and predictable road holding, and top class front and side visibility from the cab contribute to its overall safety. The wipers are cleverly designed to clear as much of the windscreen as possible and the heated power door mirrors are equipped on MWB and LWB versions as standard.

All of these active safety measures are supported by effective passive features. NT400 Cabstar’s reinforced cabin structure is protected by a sturdy shockabsorbing front bumper, for car-like safety performance. Independent tests have shown that NT400 Cabstar’s safety level is equal to that of a passenger car in frontal impacts. In addition to heightadjustable seatbelts for both the driver and window-seat passenger, the driver’s airbag comes standard on all versions, while a passenger airbag is available as an option. Both cabin doors are fi tted with anti-intrusion bars, bringing maximum solidity to NT400 Cabstar’s tough protective shell.

Welcome Aboad the Double Cab

WHEN EXTRA HELP IS NEEDED, NT400 Cabstar is ready with a double cab version, available on 3.5T and 4.5T GVW versions. With large doors and conveniently mounted steps for easy entry and exit, the double cab carries six people in comfort. To enjoy year-round comfort, you can select a separate rear heater with a two-speed fan. And if you need to carry your tools or other loads in the cab, the rear seat folds forward to provide extra space.

Nissan NT400 Cabstar Double Cab Flatbed
Nissan NT400 Cabstar Double Cab

NT400 Chassis Cab

THE NT400 CABSTAR CHASSIS IS AVAILABLE with 2.5m, 2.9m and 3.4m wheelbase and 3.4T, 3.5T and 4.5T GVW. The 3.5T and 4.5T GVW versions are equipped with double rear wheels. The 2.9m and 3.4m, 3.5T 4.5T GVW versions offer double cabs. Reinforced, high rigidity rear suspension is standard on 4.5T GVW versions. A shock absorbing rear bumper is also available, depending on the body fitted to the chassis.

Why NT400 Cabstar is Better for Business

NISSAN NT400 CABSTARS are renowned for their high residual values. Businesses find them a more cost-effective, dependable proposition because, as well as having class-leading load capacity, their EURO5 engines are up to 22% more efficient in terms of both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, making for longer range with fewer stops.

There’s also less downtime with NT400 Cabstar thanks to long (up to 24 months/25,000 miles) service intervals – and servicing is made easier too thanks to a standard tilt cab that allows quick and easy access to the engine and gearbox. Last but not least, the NT400 Cabstar’s special conversion features, including bodybuilder switches and connectors, make it simple and easy to install new or different conversions.

  • 3-year / 100,000 mile warranty
  • 24 months / 25,000 mile service intervals

NT400 Cabstar 360° View

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