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We are excited to introduce you to the All-New Nissan LEAF, the world’s most advanced mass-market electric vehicle. Redesigned from the ground up, the All-New LEAF is packed with the latest in technology and features a longer driving range than ever before – up to 177 miles on a single charge*. Discover the All-New Nissan LEAF for yourself at Smiths Nissan, Peterborough.

The e-powertrain: Intelligent Power

At the heart of the New Nissan LEAF is its 100% electric e-powertrain. The powertrain has been completely redesigned by Nissan’s engineers, offering 38% more power (110kW, 150PS) and 26% more torque than the previous model, resulting in improved acceleration. What’s more, the LEAF’s range has also been increased to 177 miles on a single charge*, meaning electric motoring is now a viable choice for even more drivers than ever.

Nissan’s engineers have succeeded in packing more power into the same space with the new LEAF’s battery pack. Now offering 40kWh of energy storage, the lithium-ion battery has the same dimensions as the previous LEAF. This has been achieved by redesigning the individual battery cells, increasing energy density by 67%. In addition, changes to the battery’s chemistry have also improved the durability when charging and discharging increasing the battery’s longevity.

Charging Times

Charging times for the New LEAF’s 40kW battery are as follows:

  • 3kW charger – 16 hours
  • 6kW charger – 8 hours
  • Quick charger (up to 80%) – 40 minutes

Intelligent Driving Technology

The All-New Nissan LEAF is the pinnacle of Nissan’s Intelligent Driving Technology. Headlining these new features are ProPILOT, ProPILOT Park and e-Pedal as well as Nissan’s well-establish Safety Shield technologies.

Nissan ProPILOT

This is Nissan’s single-lane autonomous driving technology. When activated, the system will keep a set distance to the car in front as well as helping the driver to keep the car centred within the lane. If the car in front should stop, ProPILOT will apply the brakes to also bring the vehicle to a halt. When the traffic starts to move again, the driver simply has to press the accelerator pedal lightly or the ProPILOT switch to reactivate the system.


Nissan ProPILOT Park

Using a series of sensors mounted around the car - including 12 ultrasonic sensors and four high resolution cameras which monitor the car's surroundings - ProPILOT Park will automatically park the vehicle by controlling the steering, acceleration and braking to guide the car into any type of parking space. The system can also automatically identify suitable parking spaces, meaning the driver does not need to select the desired space in order for the system to work.


Nissan e-Pedal

The e-Pedal allows the driver to control the car’s speed, including the ability to bring the car to a completed stop, using only the accelerator pedal. By simply releasing the accelerator fully, the car will come to a complete stop and reduces the need for the driver to move their foot between the brake and accelerator pedals. Although the brake pedal is required for more aggressive braking situations, studies show 90% of driving can be doing using the e-Pedal alone.


Nissan Safety Shield

The Nissan LEAF comes fitted with a range of technologies to keep you safe on the move, including; Intelligent Lane Intervention, Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Intelligent Around View Monitor with moving object detection and Emergency Brake Assist.

A Sleekly Styled Exterior

The new LEAF’s styling combines Nissan’s trademark elements, such as the ‘V-motion’ grille and ‘boomerang’ front lighting signature, with sporty yet clean designs giving the car a unique personality that creates the feeling of a high-tech piece of technology.

The car’s grille features a unique 3D mesh pattern that sits flush with the chrome ‘V-motion’ accent helping to highlight the fact that this is a 100% electric powered vehicle.

The New LEAF’s front lights feature both ‘boomerang’ style LED daytime running lights and projector beam headlights. Not only do these enhance the car’s high-tech appearance, but also improve forward illumination enhancing visibility and safety.

Viewed from the side you will find a sleek, swooping profile thanks to the low bonnet which blends into the windscreen, the floating roof design, and a rear spoiler that integrates with the rear window design.

The new LEAF is able in a range of new body colours which, combined with the new option of a contrasting roof colour, provides the car with its own personality.

The New LEAF’s looks aren’t all style over substance. The flowing lines and features, such as the specially designed wheels and rear bumper, have results in a drag coefficient of just 0.28Cd, increasing range. The angle of the charging port has been been changed to allow drivers to connect the cable without bending down.

A Relaxing, High-Quality and Comfortable Interior

Take a seat in the All-New Nissan LEAF and you will find a spacious and inviting interior made of high-quality materials. Nissan’s EV trademark blue stitching features on the seats, door trim, armrest and steering wheel, while the blue illumination in the cabin creates a cool, high-tech feel. Matte chrome and gloss black accents have been used throughout the cabin to create a more premium environment.

The instrument cluster is clear and easy to read, and features an analogue speedometer and a 7” colour screen on which the driver can choose what information is displayed. The centre console’s touch-screen display is mounted flush with the dashboard and provides information about the car’s Safety Shield technologies and the state-of-charge, as well providing controls for the audio and satellite navigation systems.

The NissanConnect system allows drivers to access a wide range of information, including the location, opening hours and availability of free charging stations, all of which is constantly updated to ensure the latest information is at your fingertips. Cars with satellite navigation also come equipped with Apple CarPlay allowing seamless integration between your smartphone and car.

One of the benefits of electric vehicle ownership is the quietness of the cabin on the move. This has been enhanced even further in the New LEAF thanks to improved aerodynamics reducing wind noise, the electrical invert’s rigidity being improved and noise from the electric motor itself has also been reduced.

The Nissan LEAF offers plenty of space to carry five people in comfort and the boot space has been increased compared to the previous model, up to 435-litres. It’s not only the boot capacity that has been improved. The space is now more square, with many intrusions removed, resulting in a much more practical, useable space. It also makes storing the charging cable easier.

Smooth & Refined Progress​

The Nissan LEAF excels out on the road. The chassis has been tuned to provide better stability, with the heaviest components, such as the battery, have been mounted low and towards the centre of the car, lowering the centre of gravity and improving cornering. The power steering system has been designed to provide a linear feel making it easy to place the car on the road, as well as providing good levels of feedback from the road service. The LEAF is also fitted with Intelligent Ride Control for more precise control of the electric motor’s torque when cornering, reducing vibration, improving ride quality and steering control.

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Fit for Family Life 435-litre boot capacity
Exterior 16" alloy wheels
Comfort Automatic air conditioning