Nissan Juke

What if you could have a sports car, a 4x4 and a thrill ride all in one?

It’s a lot to ask, but the Nissan Juke delivers big with a high driving position, quicker response and a distinct ability to turn heads. This unique model gives you great efficiency, and an innovative All-Wheel Drive system that actually turns power into grip. Want style? You can customise just about every detail, inside and out, to make it unique to you. With Juke, you really can have it all.

Personalisation - Dare to Differ

Imagine the excitement you’d feel if no one on the road had a ride like yours. Our Nissan Design Studio takes personalisation to rare extremes and allows you to customise Juke your way with its premium personalisation packs. This includes your choice of colour throughout the interior, contrasting colours for the exterior plus 18" alloy wheels with coloured inserts. It’s an intensely unique experience.

Nissan Juke Personalisation

Exterior Packs

Juke's impressive new styling cues come alive with Nissan Design Studio's Exterior Pack, featuring colour co-ordinated bumper and headlight finishers, mirror covers and vibrant 18" alloy wheel inserts.

Nissan Juke Exterior Personalisation
Nissan Juke Exterior Personalisation
Nissan Juke Exterior Personalisation
Nissan Juke Exterior Personalisation

SPORTS BUMPERS - Create more impact with brightly coloured bumper finishers at the front and rear.

ALLOY WHEELS - Choose 18" alloy wheels and coloured inserts to complete your personalised design and get noticed.

CONTRASTING FINISHERS - Opt for headlight and door mirror cap finishers in a contrasting colour to make an alternative statement.

Interior Packs

The Nissan Design Studio features a range of 'Creative' and 'Exclusive' colours. Choose a full colour trim with matching details in Detroit Red, London White, San Diego Yellow or Tokyo Black 'Creative' line.

DOOR STRIP FINISHERS - Get to grips with coloured finishers in Detroit Red, London White, San Diego Yellow, or Tokyo Black.

COLOURED STITCHING - Get your look all sewn up with colour-coordinated stitching (please refer to the Technical Specification for full details).

SPORTS SEATS - Energise your ride in premium sports seats with striking Detroit Red, London White, San Diego Yellow, or Tokyo Black trim to match your chosen ambiance.

CENTRE CONSOLE - Highlight the centre console in the gloss of your choice and accentuate with matching air vents and door trims.

Nissan Juke Interior Personalisation
Nissan Juke Interior Personalisation
Nissan Juke Interior Personalisation
Nissan Juke Interior Personalisation

Interior Design

Ready to ride? Inside Juke, you’ll find a pulse-raising centre console inspired by the radical lines of a motor bike. Circular gauges help keep the controls, and your thrills, in check. And unique coloured stitching on the sport seats, steering wheel, meter hood and gear knob (except Xtronic gearbox) keep you gripped in. Now, prepare for the ride of your life.

Nissan Juke Dials
Hooded Gauges - The sport bike-inspired circular gauges with hood cover add an extra-sporty look to the instrument panel.
Nissan Juke Seats
Sport-bolstered Seats - Special seat bolsters help hold you in place during active driving, and add style to the ride.
Nissan Juke Sunroof
Open-air Sunroof - Up the thrill with an open-air sunroof that opens up to let the outside in, day and night.

Serious Cargo Capacity

Juke now boasts best-in-class boot space with an impressive 354 litres (2WD only). With the second-row seats up and cargo floor lowered, there is plenty of space in the back. for large luggage. Fold the seats down and you can adjust the floor to a higher position, creating a flat cargo floor.

Nissan Juke Boot Space
Nissan Juke Boot Space
Nissan Juke Boot Space
Nissan Juke Boot Space

Adjustable Cargo Floor - Large luggage fits well inside Juke. Simply adjust the cargo floor down, and there is ample space for your gear.

Flat Cargo Floor - Longer items are far easier to store on a flat surface. Fold the rear seats down and adjust the cargo floor up to create a flat floor surface. And for any items you want hidden, you’ll find a covered storage area under the cargo floor.


Choose to Outperform

The perfect balance of power and efficiency are yours with Juke. Its most powerful offering, the DIG-T 190 engine, provides turbo boost for greater low-end torque, with its compact engine design and advanced direct injection. Choose Xtronic with Sport Mode and you’ll feel both a seamless wave of power and the gear-shifting thrill that comes with Sport Mode. Or check out the new DIG-T 115 paired with a 6-speed manual. It delivers a torque-rich kick while cutting back on CO2 emissions. Of course, peak performance comes standard.

Nissan Dynamic Control System

Juke’s Nissan Dynamic Control System lets you change your ride with the push of a button. Whatever mood you’re in, Juke has a mode for it. You can customise your drive, adjust the climate, and keep stats on your performance, all while you’re out and about.

  • Performance Expert - Get torque, boost, or efficiency right when you want it. In Normal mode, you’ll find the perfect combination of performance and efficiency. Switch to Sport mode and immediately feel the steering, transmission (Xtronic gearbox only), and throttle response adjust for more responsive driving. And when it’s time to steady your pace, hit the Eco mode button to get the most out of every fill-up.
  • Stats Keeper - Keep track of your performance stats through the Nissan Dynamic Control System drive computer. It stores information about everything from maximum G-forces to trip mileage and fuel economy. The more information you have, the smarter you’ll drive.
  • Double Agent - In addition to ride style, the Nissan Dynamic Control System lets you control interior comfort. Simply switch from D-Mode to Climate Mode, and the display changes allowing you to make the cabin as toasty or cool as you like.

Technology & Safety


  • SMART AND FUNCTIONAL - The NissanConnect system is incredibly easy to use thanks to the high resolution 5.8" antiglare touchscreen. It comes equipped with a rich range of features including audio, navigation and communication functions as well as cutting edge connectivity and smartphone integration features.
  • CONNECTED WHEREVER YOU GO - NissanConnect offers Smartphone integration. Enjoy an ever evolving list of applications* from the comfort of your Nissan’s display screen, all tailored to enhance your overall driving experience in a safe way.
  • INTELLIGENT DRIVER ASSISTANCE and navigation functions support you in all kinds of traffic situations.
  • STREAMING AUDIO VIA BLUETOOTH® - Enjoy digital radio, Over The Air internet radio, or stream music from your mobile phone.
  • iPOD/ USB INPUT - Plug in your iPod or MP3 player to access your entire music library while you’re on the road.

*Driving is a serious business. Only use NissanConnect services when safe to do so. Some applications shown are not yet available and more will be available at a later date. NissanConnect service subscription required but is available on a complimentary basis for 2 years from purchase . Service and applications only available in select European countries and on select Nissan models. Services and applications may be provided by third parties outside Nissan’s control and are subject to change without notice or liability to Nissan or its agents (including, without limitation, services cancelled/suspended by third parties.) Certain remote functions require compatible phone or device, not included with vehicle. Cellular networks are provided by cellular companies, and are not within Nissan’s control. Cellular networks not available in all areas. Roaming charges and/or data usage charges may apply. Nissan is not responsible for any equipment replacement or upgrades or associated costs that may be required for continued operation due to service changes.

Around View Monitor

What if parallel parking was easier? A rearview monitor is great when backing up – but when it comes to parking, it’s nice to see more than just what’s behind you. That’s why Juke offers Around View Monitor. Four cameras give you a virtual 360º bird’s-eye view of your vehicle, with selectable split-screen close-ups of the front, rear, and curbside views, so you can get a better look. And since all obstacles aren’t stationary, Moving Object Detection lets you know if anything is approaching, no matter what it is.

  • LOOK OUT BELOW - In Reverse, the display helps you see what’s directly behind you, while the overhead view helps with shorter objects otherwise hidden below your window.
  • SPARE YOUR WHEELS - In Drive or Reverse, you can push the camera button to switch out the overhead for a side view. A great help for seeing how close you are to the curb.
  • DON’T BUMP YOUR NOSE - In Drive, the display gives you both a front and overhead view, so you know just how far to pull up – without going too far.
  • COMPLETE THE PICTURE - Located under your driver’s side mirror, this camera helps round out your virtual 360º bird’s-eye view, whether you’re in Drive or Reverse.

Nissan Safety Sheild - Surround Yourself with Confidence

The Nissan Safety Shield technologies use cameras and sensors which work together to build your confidence and keep you on top of your surroundings at all times. The features described here are just some of many on your Nissan, helping to protect you and yours by focusing on three key areas: keeping an eye on your vehicle’s systems and the surroundings, assisting in handling unexpected situations, and helping to keep you safe in the unfortunate event of an accident.

  • 6 Standard Air Bags - When a collision is unavoidable, Nissan’s Zone Body Construction helps absorb the impact, while the advanced seat belt and air bag systems help protect passengers.
  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP) - Nissan’s Electronic Stability Program system automatically activates the ABS and traction control features to help you stay in control during difficult manoeuvres like a sudden lane change.
  • Moving Object Detection - Around View Monitor doesn’t just help you park, it also helps you reverse out of a space safely. The Moving Object Detection feature gives you a visual and audible alert when it detects movement near the vehicle.
  • Blind Spot Warning System - What you can't see Juke can. If there's a vehicle in your blind spot area on either side of your car, a warning light will illuminate on the interior door panel. If you're indicating and a vehicle is dangerously close, the light will flash and you'll hear a warning sound too.
  • Lane Departure - This system gives you a visual and audible heads up if it detects you straying from your lane. And it’s so smart, it’s designed to stop the warnings when you indicate to change lanes.

Juke 360° View

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