Nissan Juke Wins at 2023 Used Car Awards

Car Dealer Magazine has named the Nissan Juke ‘Used Small Car of the Year’ at the 2023 Used Car Awards, with the accolade given to the compact crossover at the most recent event held at The Brewery in East London.

The Juke was not only praised for its eye-catching and individualist styling, but additionally for its advancing technology, ample cargo space and roomy interior. The judges also highlighted the Juke’s overall versatility, comfort and safety, and deemed that these factors make it a go-to option for used car dealers and buyers across the UK.

The editor-in-chief of Car Dealer Magazine, James Baggot, said:

“The second-generation model added a lot more substance to the original car’s daring design, such as a more spacious interior, thereby making it easier to sell.”

Baggot continued:

‘‘Making a small car desirable is an easy thing to do, but making one that appeals to the used car buyer is tough. The Juke succeeds at both – and that’s impressive.’’

Mike Brewer, TV presenter and Used Car Award host, also commended the Juke’s individuality:

“It looked like nothing else on the road, and you can still say the same! Some funky designs age badly, but not the Juke’s.”

Brewer furthermore celebrates the Juke for its variety of trim levels and special editions, as well as its parking simplicity and ability to run in a cost-effective manner.

Publication date: 22.01.2024