Hyundai i20 5-door

Every aspect of the New Generation i20 exudes finesse, with intuitive new features to discover on each trip. It'll start as something with poise and refinement, and grow over time to become a part of the family.

Stylish From Every Angle

The New Generation i20 isn't just about first impressions, it's about lasting ones. It’s a creation of classic understatement, where every line, curve and shadow help convey a feeling of refined simplicity. From every angle, its stylish poise is a perfect reflection of what lies within.

Its fluidic design results in long, flowing lines and its wheel designs stand out at first glance. The panoramic sunroof on Premium SE and Premium SE Nav models add stand-out style to the exterior, while a floating C-pillar adds another touch of elegance. LED rear combination lights and smart LED daytime running lights on all Premium models complete its sophisticated look.

Hyundai i20 panoramic sunroof
Panoramic sunroof.
Hyundai i20 panoramic sunroof
Panoramic sunroof.
Hyundai i10 Flotating C-Pillar
Floating c-pillar.
Hyundai i20 LED Lighting
LED daytime running lights & combination LED taillights.
Hyundai i20 LED Lighting
LED daytime running lights & combination LED taillights.

As Stylish Inside as it is Outside

The New Generation i20 places you at its heart. Every interior aspect has been crafted with quality in mind, so you can enjoy a refined and comfortable environment. From a practical perspective right down to the colour palette, it’s a car you’ll love a little more on every drive.

Hyundai i20 Interior Colours
Hyundai i20 Interior Colours
Hyundai i20 Interior Colours
Hyundai i20 Interior Colours

When it comes to the interior, it's all about the detail. Piano black and chrome highlight its quality appearance, while soft touch fabrics enhance your comfort levels. Your needs were at the forefront of its design, which is why an easy to use driver interface gives you full control at your fingertips. The range of interior colours is designed to perfectly complement the car's exterior, meaning it looks the part both inside and out.

Space & Versatility

You’ll enjoy an abundance of space in the interior. When you explore further, there’s also ample storage room which will come in handy during family trips. Load up, sit back and enjoy the freedom.

The stylish panoramic sunroof on Premium SE and Premium SE Nav creates the illusion of space. It floods the cabin with light and gives you a great view of the world outside. You’ll also enjoy the comfort of air conditioning on S Air and SE, and you can optimise your environment perfectly thanks to climate control on all Premium models. With a large, spacious boot, and seats that fold flat for that extra bit of room, you’ll appreciate excellent flexibility at all times.

Enjoy the Drive

Embrace the level of quality that shines through every detail. You can hear quality in classical music, and taste quality in beautiful food. In the New Generation i20, quality sounds like the low hum of the road outside, which is the result of the high-end materials selected. Have fun on every journey, because a smooth ride is there to be enjoyed.

Hyundai i20 on the road

The suspension is beautifully configured to minimise bumps on uneven roads, while the New Generation i20 also features excellent handling and ride comfort. It's made from strong, high tensile steel, which keeps vibrations down to a minimum, leading to a drive that all but eliminates road and wind interference. This allows you to enjoy a serene drive, free from outside noise. With agile handling and smooth suspension, you can make the most of the open road.

Driving Technology

It’s packed with clever and intuitive features to enhance every journey. The New Generation i20 goes far beyond the normal level of technology for a car in its class, putting your needs first. With features to entertain and assist, you'll enjoy a fun-filled trip that’ll pass in a flash.

Hyundai i20 Cruise Control
Cruise control.
Hyundai i20 smartphone dock
Smartphone dock.
Hyundai i20 Parking Sensors
Parking sensors.
Hyundai i20 Satellite Navigation
Satellite navigation.
Steering wheel audio controls
Steering wheel audio and phone controls.
Hyundai i20 Parking Camera
Rear parking camera.

On SE and all Premium models you’ll make the most of cruise control, which will help you to enjoy a more relaxing experience by maintaining a certain speed. You can also scroll through your playlist with steering wheel controls, and keep in touch safely through Bluetooth® connectivity with voice recognition. When you stop, you’ll guide your car in to spaces with rear parking sensors.

On Premium and Premium SE you can make sure your smartphone is always charged, thanks to a convenient smartphone docking station, while on Premium SE and Premium SE Nav you’ll utilise front and rear parking sensors for extra awareness at all times. Finally, opt for the Premium Nav or Premium SE Nav for even more useful benefits, including a touchscreen satellite navigation system to get you to your destination with minimal fuss. On the journey, you'll be entertained by the DAB digital radio before parking up with ease thanks to a rear view parking camera.

An Efficient Engine Range

More miles, fewer emissions. Proof that opposites do attract. Advanced technologies will help you save money - and help the environment too. As you travel further between fuel stops, you’ll enjoy every extra mile.

Hyundai i20 Blue Drive

Blue Drive

The S Blue is the halo New Generation i20 for efficiency, delivering a combined 88.3mpg* and emitting just 84g/km of CO2 in the process. These impressive numbers are down to Blue Drive technologies like Intelligent Stop & Go which saves fuel when the car is idle. However, it isn’t just the S Blue that excels. Whether you choose petrol or diesel, manual or automatic, you can enjoy the ride all year round.

*Figures shown are based on official EU test figures. These are to be used as a guide for comparative purposes and may not reflect all driving results.


A high number of advanced safety features make it a car you can rely on. Feel safe and secure at all times thanks to innovations that have been designed to protect you and your passengers. There’s nothing better than peace of mind on every trip.

If you happen to find yourself faced with a tricky hill start, utilise Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) to move away easily. On a different type of trip, such as a long drive on the motorway, you'll benefit from the clever Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) on SE and all Premium models, which will keep you right on track. With the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), it doesn't matter what kind of journey you're on, you'll simply get an alert to tell you if your tyres aren't inflated to the optimum level. As well as improving grip and safety, this will help your efficiency too. With front, front seat side and curtain airbags as standard, New Generation i20 is a car you can trust on every occasion.

Hyundai i20 Airbags

The i20 Active Comes Primed For Adventure

The Active is the newest addition to i20 range, bringing its own striking attributes and distinct personality. With unique exterior styling and abundant room in the back, it makes a big impression both inside and out. Its rugged stance sets it up for adventure, while its spacious interior means you’ll leave nothing behind.

Hyundai i20 Active

Built for your lifestyle

The i20 Active commands respect from the moment you lay eyes on its unique front and rear bumpers, skid plates, stylish wheel arches and sill moulding — plus its highly practical roof rails. If the exterior suggests an active lifestyle, then its interior only enhances this feeling, thanks to a higher driving position for extra authority and a 20mm raised suspension that provides an even better view of the road ahead. Ideal for driving around town, you’ll also respect its versatile capabilities when you fancy taking it further afield. Fit in your friends and luggage and make the most of this impressively compact crossover.

Hyundai i20 Coupe

Sleek lines, beautiful curves and a well-appointed interior. The fun-filled drive is enhanced by countless technologies at your fingertips. In the New Generation i20 Coupe, every journey is a thrill.

Striking Curves & Flowing Lines

You can imagine the pencil sweeping across the page to create the i20 Coupe's falling roofline and sporty profile. With a design that's pure to the artist's vision, it evokes an sense of constant, gliding movement.

Hyundai i20 Coupe Front
Hyundai i20 Coupe Rear

Drive with style

Step back and admire the beauty of its dynami profile. A low slung body adds to the sporty feel, which is enhanced even further by bold rear arches. Sloping curves draw your eyes towards the rear spoiler, while stylish wheel designs add a final touch of class.

A Little Bit of Everything... and a Lot of Space

The smart, spacious layout and quality fabrics of the interior make every journey a pleasure. with an eye-catching interior design and intuitive features, the i20 Coupe has it all.

Hyundai i20 Coupe Interior

Make it your own

The simple layout complements an abundance of space, including an impressive boot capacity. Clever design touches and fine fabrics will enhance your comfort levels. Inject real personality to the seats, air vents and gear stick surround thanks to the vibrant Orange Design Package - which somes as standard with the striking Tangerine Orange exterior paint option.

If its Style Excites You, Just Wait Until you Get Behind the Wheel

Refined steering and responsive engines make it perfect to zip around town. Make the most of its ample room to fit your friends in too. You'll need no excuse to take it for a spin.

The experience

Spread the joy by giving your friends a call and introducing them to the i20 Coupe. Agile handling comes with sophisticated steering and power in all the right places. The 1.2 petrol and 1.4 diesel engines are perfect for trips around the city. But why cut the journey short? Go on an epic road trip and watch it excel in a different environment. It's there to be enjoyed.

Go From A to B, Without the A to Z

We wouldn't want anything to get in the way of the fun factor, like getting lost or struggling to park. Don't worry, the smart features have got it covered. More tech, less hassle. Simple but effective.

Tech from start to finish

Enjoy a chilled out drive with cruise control as standard. And it's just as easy when you come to a stop, thanks to rear parking sensors that will help you fit into the trickiest spaces. On Sport Nav, make the most of a satellite navigation system and rear parking camera so you and your friends can arrive at your destination and park with a minumum of fuss. in the i20 Coupe, technology makes life easy.

In the Age of Technology, You Can Expect Big Things

The i20 Coupe is packed with impressive technology. Every feature is designed to improve your experience It's all at your finger tips.

Hyundai i20 Coupe Technology

Stay connected

Swich between your favourite songs using the steering wheel controls and stay connected thanks to Bluetooth. On the SE and Sport you'll stay charged up on the road with advanced smartphone docking station. Sport Nav arrives with DAB digital radio for crystal-clear reception, so you'll relax to the sound of your favourite tunes.

When it Come to Safety, it's Up with the Best

Beyond the looks, the drive and the fun features, the i20 Coupe is quite simply a car you can trust. It'll protect you and your loved ones on every trip.

Stay safe and sound

The tyre pressuire monitoring system will help ensure your tyres are properly inflated, and hill-start assist will aid you with those tricky hill starts. There are 5 airbags placed around teh car to protect you and your passengers, while Vehicle Stability Management will help you drive with confidence. Greater visiblity arrives in the form of halogen projector headlights with static front cornering function, so you'll have the perfect view ahead. With the best safety features in place, peace of mind comes as standard.

Hyundai i20 360° View

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