Many vehicles now come fitted with an air conditioning or climate control system to keep the car cool in summer and remove moisture from the air in both summer and winter. While these systems are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle, they require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to work safely and efficiently. At Smiths Vauxhall Ilkeston & Peterborough we have the specialist knowledge, training and tools to keep the air conditioning system fitted to your Vauxhall in factory-fresh condition.​​

Air Conditioning Service - From Only £125

Air conditioning systems lose approximately 10%-15% of their refrigerant each year - This can reduce its performance (meaning it cannot cool the car as effectively) and increase your car's fuel consumption as the system has to work harder to make up for the lost refrigerant.

Our Air Conditioning Service involves the following:

  • Clean the system using an anti-bacterial cleaner to remove the build up of micro-organisms that can be detrimental to health and cause unpleasant smells inside the car.
  • Test the system's ability to cool the air using a temperature sensor and compare this to factory standards.
  • Fully check the system for faults to reduce the chance of issues developing in future.
  • Drain the system of all remaining refrigerant.
  • Refill the system with refrigerant to the optimum level and test.

Upon receipt of your booking, we will provide you with a personalised, no obligation, quotation for carrying our an air conditioning service on your car, as this will vary by model. At this point you can choose to confirm whether or not to go ahead with the booking.

Vauxhall recommends that your air conditioning system is fully serviced every 2 years.

Full Vehicle Health-Check - Included Free of Charge

When you choose an Air Conditioning Refresh or Service from Smiths Vauxhall Ilkeston & Peterborough we will also carry out a full vehicle health-check on your absolutely FREE. Our health-checks are carried out by technicians specially trained to look after your car, so they know exactly what they are looking for. Safety problems can arise with little warning, so our comprehensive 25-point check includes things like lights, brakes, wheel bearings, tyre pressures and other crucial safety points to give you peace-of-mind.

That's not all, we will also check your car for product and software updates provided by Vauxhall, and will carry these out for free as well where required.

To book your Air Conditioning Service,click on the link below to contact our service team online:

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