Renault – Committed To Its Customers For 120 Years

For 120 years Renault has been committed to making its customers’ lives easier every day.

Since its formation 120 years ago Renault has had three lives. That of the company’s founder (1898-1944), that of the Régie Nationale des Usines Renault (RNUR), wholly owned by the French State (1945-1995), and that of Renault SA (1995-present). Nevertheless, these three lives form a single experience, the life of a car manufacturer that has always deftly adapted to changing times, changing societies, and evolving economies.

Renault has stayed wholly in tune with the demands of an ever broader and more international clientele, remaining the beating heart of automotive life to fulfil those aspirations, measuring and analysing societal changes in a mobility-loving world, where the freedom to move, to travel, to endeavour became increasingly essential. Renault’s longevity was built on the understanding of lifestyles and uses, the desire to make people the defining element in the worlds of automobiles and technology.

Making Renault what it is today, its history shows the brand is forged by values, expressed through models that combine automotive passion, exploration, discovery, family, work, recreation and emancipation.

1889 Renault Type A
1952 Renault Colorale
1959 Renault Estafette
1964 R8 Gordini
1965 R16
1969 R12
1972 R5
1984 Renault Espace
1996 Renault Scenic
1999 Renault Avantime Concept Car