LEAF voted 'Best Car for City Drivers' at Auto Trader Awards

​A customer panel of over 220,000 UK car owners has voted for this year’s Auto Trader New Car Awards with the LEAF being awarded 'Best Car for City Drivers'.

Erin Baker, Auto Trader’s Editorial Director, said:

“The Nissan Leaf is truly an electric icon, and I’m so pleased to see it get the recognition it deserves. More than a decade after its introduction, it remains a great choice for so many people, thanks to its low running costs, great reliability, and reputation as an easy electric car to use every day. One owner commented that: “It’s so easy to drive, cheap to run, and serves all of our needs perfectly – it’s small enough to zip through traffic and park in tight spots, but it’s never felt cramped. As it’s electric it’s also really nippy. We love it.” Here, here.” 

Andrew Humberstone, Managing Director, Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd. commented;

“I’m delighted to see LEAF recognized and voted for by customers to win this award. We are very proud of LEAF, it was our first electric car when it launched in 2010 and almost 15 years later it is still popular and relevant. With zero tailpipe emissions, clever parking aids and its spacious yet compact design, LEAF is an ideal city car which is versatile enough to perform on longer journeys too where features like ProPILOT thrive. An award like this really means a lot, and we really appreciate that our customers have taken time to vote for LEAF in these prestigious awards.”

The Nissan LEAF excels out on the road. The chassis has been tuned to provide better stability, with the heaviest components, such as the battery, have been mounted low and towards the centre of the car, lowering the centre of gravity and improving cornering. The power steering system has been designed to provide a linear feel making it easy to place the car on the road, as well as providing good levels of feedback from the road service. The LEAF is also fitted with Intelligent Ride Control for more precise control of the electric motor’s torque when cornering, reducing vibration, improving ride quality and steering control.

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