Hyundai Offers 5-Year Warranty On Approved Used Cars

Hyundai has recently introduced an improved Hyundai Promise Approved Used Cars programme that offers a warranty of up to five years for petrol or diesel cars up to 42 months old and has covered less than 60,000 miles. For EV/PHEV/Hybrid vehicles up to 36 months old, the warranty is offered with a maximum of up to 60,000 miles. If the car does not meet the criteria, it is eligible for a 12-month warranty with the option to buy extended packages.

The five-year used car warranty comes included on all qualifying vehicles. Still, they must undergo an annual health check by an authorised Hyundai Retailer to unlock the next 12 months of warranty coverage. There is no mileage restriction for petrol and diesel vehicles, but EV/PHEV/Hybrid cars have a 100,000-mile cap during the warranty period.

Hyundai’s commitment to used car buyers is evident in its industry-leading warranty program. The new five-year warranty is a significant improvement that provides peace of mind to customers who purchase qualifying vehicles. The annual health check ensures the vehicle remains in good condition and unlocks the next 12 months of warranty coverage.

In addition to the warranty, Hyundai’s comprehensive used car program offers several benefits such as 12 months’ roadside assistance, a Hyundai multi-point safety and condition check, independent vehicle history and mileage check, drive away insurance, £250 excess cover voucher, a 30-day /1,000-mile exchange agreement, flexible finance solutions, and a guaranteed trade-in offer