Dacia Reveals New Visual Identity

​Recently, Dacia has revealed a new visual identity to bring the brand closer to its core values of practicality, ruggedness and affordability. The redesign includes a new logo, emblem and new colours which reflect Dacia's ethos and shows their care for the planet.


Dacia's new emblem was created by taking the 'D' and 'C' letters from the brands name and linking them together, creating a minimalist but bold logo. Inspiration for the decision came from object found in garages such as gears, chains and tools, which are associated with being robust and functional. ​

​Colour Palette

​The colour scheme that Dacia chose reflects their closeness to nature, with the primary colour being khaki-green. The secondary colours further explore this theme with dark khaki, terracotta and sand hues being used. The brands connection with these muted tones show that it is authentic, and connected to its environment. 

Future Plans

"The next step for us at Design is to introduce the new emblem and logo on all the brand's vehicles. We will start as early as next year, in the Autumn of 2022.” says David, Head of Studio Design for the Dacia brand.

Visit our Dacia page to experience the new visual identity for yourself:

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