Keeping it cool - Getting your car's air conditioning ready for Summer

Oh, how we love the English weather! Summer is on its way (we are all hoping) and when it gets hot you love your car for one thing – air conditioning! However, air conditioning is also useful on damp and humid days, especially when it is raining, and your windows mist up. Your car’s air conditioning not only cools the air, but it also removes moisture from it, so by using the air conditioning with the car’s heater you can demist your windows in a flash.

However, like anything, your air conditioning will only work properly if you look after it, so here are two things we can do to help keep your car's air con in tip-top condition and why they are important.

System Cleaning

Your car’s air conditioning system is a perfect place for bacteria, mould and other nasty micro-organisms to grow as there is moisture in the system (taken out of the air) and parts are warm.

In the worst cases, large build ups of these organisms can cause irritation to your nose and eyes and can cause breathing difficulties in some people. When these organisms die and decompose a musty smell can enter the cabin, making your car’s interior a very unpleasant place to be.

Therefore, it is important that your car’s air conditioning system is cleaned regularly. The only way to effectively clean the system is using an antibacterial cleaner that is pumped through the ventilation system, killing the microbes, disinfecting all interior surfaces and removing any smells.

We recommend having your car's air conditioning system refreshed annually to keep it in top condition and avoid microbial build-up.

System Servicing

Your air conditioning systems uses a gas called refrigerant to cool and dry the air and, each year, it will lose approximately 10-15% of this gas. This is a natural occurrence and cannot be avoided. As the amount of gas in the system is reduced, it must work harder to maintain the same level of cooling. This can result in increased fuel consumption and more strain being placed on the system’s components increasing the chance of breakdown. Eventually, the system will no longer be able to cool the air and your car’s ventilation will only blow warm air into the cabin.

When your car’s air conditioning system is serviced all the remaining refrigerant gas and moisture is removed and it is cleansed with an anti-bacterial cleaner. The system is then refilled with a fresh, replacement refrigerant to the optimum level and is tested to ensure it is working effectively.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend air conditioning systems are fully serviced every 2 years.