Keeping it cool - Getting your car's air conditioning ready for Summer

In the scorching summer heat, nothing feels more refreshing than stepping into a cool and comfortable car. However, as temperatures rise, car air conditioning systems often require proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance. We are proud to offer top-notch car air conditioning refresh service, providing a hassle-free experience and the expertise needed to keep your vehicle cool and comfortable.

System Cleaning

Air conditioning systems lose approximately 10%-15% of their refrigerant each year - This can reduce its performance (meaning it cannot cool the car as effectively) and increase your fuel consumption as the system has to work harder to make up for the loss of refrigerant.

Our Air Conditioning Service involves the following:

Clean the system using an anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaner to remove the build up of micro-organisms that can be detrimental to health and cause unpleasant smells inside the car.

Test the system's ability to cool the air using a temperature sensor and compare this to factory standards.

Fully check the system for faults to reduce the chance of issues developing in future.

Drain the system of all remaining refrigerant.

Refill the system with refrigerant to the optimum level and test.

Upon receipt of your booking, we will provide you with a personalised, no obligation, quotation for carrying our an air conditioning service on your car, as this will vary by model. At this point you can choose to confirm whether or not to go ahead with the booking.

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