Cooling your car on a hot day is simple with these 6 steps

We all know the feeling, you return to your car after it has been parked in the blazing sun for several hours and open the door to be greeted by what feels like a blast furnace. However, follow these simple steps and you’ll get your car’s interior back to a bearable temperature in no time at all.

Hot Car Outside Temperature Gauge
Electric Window Switches
1. Open the windows – The air outside the car will be cooler than inside, so opening the windows will help to reduce the interior temperature to that outside the car.
Air recirculation off
2. Make sure the air recirculation feature is turned off – Because the outside temperature is lower than inside the car you want the air conditioning unit to be cooling this air to reduce the temperature inside the car more quickly.
Climate control lowest temperature
3. Set the temperature to the lowest setting and the fan speed to the highest setting – This is self-explanatory; this will ensure as much air at the lowest temperature gets into the car as possible.
Rear window open
4. Drive with the windows open – Driving with the windows down for a few minutes will help to force the hot air out of the vehicle and quickly lower the temperature in the vehicle.
Air recirculation on
5. When the temperature inside the car starts to feel cooler than the air outside, turn on the air recirculation feature – Doing this means the air conditioning system is cooling air that it has already cooled lowering the temperature faster.
Climate control automatic settings
6. Once the temperature in your vehicle has returned to a more comfortable level, reset all of the ventilation controls to normal and enjoy your drive in the sunshine.

But My Car Doesn't Have Air Conditioning!

There's no denying that cooling down a car on a hot day without air conditioning is much more difficult, however you can use some of the steps above to make the cooling process a little quicker.

  • As above, the first step is to open the windows. It may be hot outside but it is still cooler than the temperature inside a car that's been sitting out in the sun - You may want to open windows on alternate sides of the car in the front and the back as this helps to improve air flow around the car once you are on the move.
  • Make sure the blower control is set to the feet setting. This will help ventilate the area of the interior with the least air flow and drive the hot air out of the open windows.