Watch: How South Central Ambulance Charity use the Dacia Duster

Dacia partnered with South Central Ambulance Charity and South Central Ambulance Services (SCAS) in 2020, as they took delivery of 40 Dacia Dusters. Throughout the challenging Covid-19 pandemic, the suitability of the Dacia Duster has helped the Charity's volunteer Community First Responders to safely provide emergency medical assistance. 

The Community First Responders are members of the public, trained to support SCAS by responding to medical emergencies, providing lifesaving first aid to patients before paramedics arrive. The fleet of Dacia Dusters have clocked up over 120,000 hours as dedicated Dynamic Response Vehicles. Due to their locality, they often arrive to emergencies before an ambulance, so they are trained at handling life-threatening situations. In the past year the Dusters have responded 'first on the scene' to 6,875 incidents. 

​With the Dusters playing a core role to the Community First Reponders, the charities hopes have been realised as Vanessa Casey, Chief Executive of the South Central Ambulance Charity explains:

“The Duster has been an excellent choice for community responding. It has met our expectations in terms of suitability for the role, having all the space we need and being 100 per cent reliable. The latter is especially important as it’s fundamental that our vehicles are available and on the road as many hours as possible.  Of course, a big thing for us as a charity is value for money and we don’t think we could beat what the Duster offers. It was still a big investment for us to refresh our fleet with 40 new cars, but it has proven to be a very good decision. The 4x4 versions have provided reassurance to our volunteers in reaching patients in more remote areas, such as bridal footpaths and rough tracks, where a normal car may have struggled. Feedback from our Community First Responders has been very complementary. Some were a little sceptical at first, but they have all been won over by the Duster’s capability and specification, agreeing that they’ve been a real game changer in terms of patient care and raising the profile and visibility of the service that we deliver. Having the Dacia Duster fleet has really helped demonstrate the professionalism of our service and tells the public straightaway that they’re seeing a first responder. What’s more, we’ve also been able to attend events with the vehicles and their presence has helped us to attract even more volunteers.”

Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK, said:

“I’m really proud to see how the Dusters have helped South Central Ambulance Charity carry out invaluable work in and around the local community. The Duster’s rugged and robust qualities are providing volunteers with the peace-of-mind they need to deliver potentially life-saving care, regardless of the conditions. South Central Ambulance Charity’s experience perfectly illustrates all what the Duster has to offer.”

The Dacia Duster is available in Essential, Expression and Journey trim levels with petrol, petrol/LPG and diesel powertrains. A 4X4 variant is also available for added off-road capabilities. To find out more about the Dacia Duster, visit our website:

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