Vauxhall Wins Editor’s Choice Awards at 2020 Business Car Awards​

Vauxhall has won the Editor’s Choice category at the 2020 Business Car awards, impressing the industry title with its cost-efficient vehicle range and excellent customer service. Vauxhall was chosen by Business Car editor Simon Harris for the award win thanks to its deep knowledge and expertise in the fleet sector.

Simon Harris, editor of Business Car, said: “Vauxhall is always thinking of its fleet customers, and understands them in ways that many others participating in the fleet sector don't. As company car drivers pay tax based on a car's official price, Vauxhall's strategy to position Business Edition variants of the Grandland X Hybrid substantially lower than the retail-focused versions was innovative. As products are improving, the brand should be able to win more customers. It has great customer service, and its website has excellent information and insight for fleet operators and company car drivers.”

Earlier in the year, Vauxhall became the first mainstream volume manufacturer to achieve full RDE2 compliance across its entire model line-up, giving company car drivers and businesses significant savings.

Diesel cars that already meet RDE2 standards are currently exempt from a 4% minimum surcharge to the Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) company car tax rate, which has been applicable to all diesel models since 2018*, bringing significant savings to company car drivers and fleet operators.

James Taylor, General Sales Director, Vauxhall, said: “Vauxhall remains one of Britain’s leading fleet providers and we are happy to be recognised by such an influential title in the field. Earlier in the year, we became the first mainstream volume manufacturer to achieve full RDE2 compliance, passing significant savings to company car users. As well as the massive strides we’ve made in reducing CO2s, 2020 has also seen us launch a range of BEVs and hybrids including Corsa-e, Mokka-e, Grandland X Hybrid range & the brilliant, all electric Vivaro-e LCV. It’s also great to see our high standards of customer service also recognised as part of the Editor’s Choice award.”