Vauxhall Intelli-air: Beat Hay Fever This Summer

Vauxhall has introduced Intelli-Air technology to help people with hay fever during spring and summer. This feature, available in the new Astra, uses special filters and a monitoring system to improve the air quality inside the car.

Intelli-Air keeps track of the air inside the car and automatically brings in fresh air when it gets stuffy. It does this by controlling a vent that lets air in from outside. When the air outside is polluted, the vent stays closed to keep the bad air out. But if the air inside the car is stale or smells bad, like from smoking or dusty clothes, the vent opens to let in fresh air.

The new Astra shows the air quality on a big screen. It uses a little car picture that changes color to show how good or bad the air is inside. The car has a special sensor that can detect tiny particles in the air up to 2.5 micrometers in size.

This technology is important because it helps prevent sneezing while driving. Did you know that a car can travel up to 20 meters in the time it takes for someone to sneeze? By improving the air quality, Vauxhall aims to make driving safer and more comfortable for people with hay fever.

Intelli-Air works together with Vauxhall's special filters, which remove gases, odors, and almost all pollen from the air. These filters have two layers and meet high-quality standards. They also stay effective in cold weather and prevent the growth of bacteria. You only need to change the filter once a year to keep the air clean. The car will let you know when it's time to replace it.

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