Vauxhall Electric Models Top UK New Car Sales Charts

Vauxhall dominated the UK electric car market in July, leading three segments with its Corsa, Mokka and Vivaro models, according to the latest SMMT data. The Corsa Electric was the most popular Small Electric Car in July and remains the segment leader in 2023, with 2,141 sales year-to-date. The Mokka Electric was the top-selling Small Electric SUV in July and also leads its class in 2023, with 5,573 sales year-to-date. The Vivaro Electric Life is the UK’s favourite electric MPV, with 1,175 registrations so far this year. Corsa was also the best-selling B-Hatch in July and the second most popular car in the UK market in 2023, with 23,751 units sold year-to-date. Vauxhall is on track to become an electric-only brand by 2028, well ahead of the UK Government deadline.

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said:

“I’m thrilled to see three of our electric models topping the sales charts in their respective segments, highlighting the depth of our electric line-up and proof that Vauxhall is leading the way in helping Britain make the transition to electric.”

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