Vauxhall Drivers Turn To Local Councils To Enhance On-Street Charging Infrastructure​​

Research conducted by Vauxhall has underscored the increasing reliance of drivers on their local councils to expand on-street charging options for electric vehicles (EVs). According to the findings, Vauxhall reported that 75% of motorists depend on Local Authorities to install on-street charging to accommodate the growing number of EV owners.

Although motorists' concerns are frequently in the news, Vauxhall’s study found that only 25% of respondents observed charging infrastructure issues being addressed in the political manifestos and canvassing of local candidates, indicating that it has fallen off the political agenda.

According to Vauxhall, only 30% of respondents feel that EV owners or prospective owners receive adequate support from their local councils, with even lower numbers reported outside of London. Further highlighting the issue, only 10% of drivers expressed satisfaction with the availability of on-street charging in their area, with satisfaction rates in Wales plummeting to just 4%.

In addition to an online database for drivers to register their charging needs, Vauxhall has created an 'Enablement Fund' to assist Local Authorities, partnering with leading charging operators, Connected Kerb, and SureCharge. Registrations on Vauxhall’s Electric Streets of Britain hub reflect concerns highlighted in recent research, showing strong interest in charge point installations in cities such as Glasgow, Leeds, and Birmingham. These are areas where a significant percentage of drivers have indicated that EV owners need more support from their Local Authorities.

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said: “Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is just one of many concerns that should be discussed in great detail ahead of this year’s local and mayoral elections. While recent figures show charge point numbers are increasing, our latest research highlights how drivers are increasingly reliant on their Local Authorities to make sure infrastructure needs are being met.

By the end of this year, Vauxhall will provide a fully electric version of every car and van in its lineup. In 2023, Vauxhall was the UK's top-selling electric van manufacturer, with the Corsa Electric being the best-selling small electric car and the Mokka Electric the best-selling electric compact crossover.

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