Vauxhall Unveils All-New Astra GSe

Vauxhall has recently announced it's first addition to the GSe sub-brand, the All-New Astra GSe and New Astra Sports Tourer GSe Plug-in Hybrids. Similar to the GS Line of Vauxhall performance trim levels, GSe offers increased driving pleasure with responsible low emissions. Stand-out features of the new trim level include a lower ride height, unique suspension, revised steering and ESC calibrations. There are also several changes to the aesthetics, including 18-inch allow wheels inspired by the Manta GSe concept and exclusive Alcantara front sports seats.

GSe, standing for Grand Sport Electric, offers sporty looks that build on Vauxhall's award-winning design as well as driver-focused chassis set-ups. All-New Astra GSe and All-New Astra Sports Tourer GSe have an impressive power output of 225PS and maximum torque of 360Nm, matching the best in their respective classes for acceleration and top speed.

James Taylor, Acting Managing Director, Vauxhall, said:

“Available with Plug-in Hybrid powertrains from launch, the All-New Astra GSe and All-New Astra Sports Tourer GSe are the ideal cars for launching our dynamic new sub-brand, offering sporty styling, enhanced driving performance and all the benefits of an electrified powertrain. As we work towards becoming an all-electric brand by 2028, our range-topping GSe models will showcase that electrified performance and driving pleasure can go hand-in-hand.”

All-New Vauxhall Astra is available now at Smiths Vauxhall, Ilkeston, with the orders GSe specification starting later this year with customer deliveries from early 2023. Find out more about the All-New Astra on our new car page:

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