Travel Tuesday: 3 Top Tips to Get Your Car Ready

With Easter Weekend and a wonderful long bank holiday soon upon us it is safe to say the roads will be busy this week. At Smiths Motor Group, we want to make sure you have a relaxing journey if you’re travelling - no one likes the nasty surprises when sitting in a queue of traffic on a hot day.

So here are three top tips to from our experts on what you should check on your car before set off and as always, safe driving.

Tip 1 - Check your tyre pressure. Recommended tyre pressures will vary depending on the car. To find out what your tyre pressures should be consult your handbook and use a tyre pressures gauge to make sure your tyres are correct.

Tip 2 - Fill your washer fluid. As much as we all the love the sun, warm breeze and hot air and so do insects. On a long journey your windscreen can soon be covered with bugs so make sure your washer fluid is topped up so you can clear the screen while on the move.

Tip 3 - Last, but certainly not least, we recommend checking your under-bonnet levels, more specifically oil and coolant. These checks are easy to do. Remove and clean the dipstick, replace and remove again. Check the oil level is between the minimum and maximum markers. Coolant is even easier to check. The clear plastic tank containing the coolant will have minimum and maximum markers printed on the side, check your coolant level is between these two points.

Using our three top tips before setting off will hopefully mean you can have a relaxing journey knowing your car is ready. Keep your eye out for more tips on your car and never miss a trick here at Smiths Motor Group.