Three Millionth Nissan Qashqai is Built in the UK

The end of 2017 saw Nissan Europe cap a record-breaking year with the production of the three millionth Nissan Qashqai in the UK, just over a decade after the category-defining vehicle made its debut.

The Sunderland Plant produced a record-breaking 349,856 units of the urban crossover, 265,520 of which were sold in Europe.

The Nissan Qashqai is the most successful model in Europe in Nissan’s history. A second-generation model refresh in 2014 has shown the Qashqai only going from strength to strength since. Altogether, the Nissan Qashqai has won more than 80 awards, including 19 “Car of the Year” titles.

For more than 10 years, the Qashqai has been at the heart of its position as the ultimate urban crossover. It successfully blends the practicality of an SUV with the footprint, driving dynamics and running costs of a hatchback.

Chairman of Nissan Europe, Paul Willcox, said: “2017 was another record-breaking year for Nissan Europe, and 2018 has started and will continue the same way.” The achievement of reaching 3,000,000 vehicles produced in 10 years is a significant milestone. While the eagerly awaited Nissan LEAF has seen record-breaking pre-orders of one every 10 minutes.”

2017 meant the Qashqai was refreshed with four focus areas – exterior design, interior quality, driving performance and the addition of Intelligent Mobility technology. All this in mind, the thought for Nissan will be to deliver even great levels of comfort, reassurance and trust to a customer.

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