Six Tips for your Spring Service

Spring is arguably the best time to deep clean your car and do a comprehensive service. Winter is the most difficult period for maintaining vehicles so with it out of the way, here are six tips for your spring service.

1. Change your oil. The usual recommendation is to change your oil every 3,000 miles, but there's no harm in checking it more regularly. Doing two oil changes a year when the season changes gives you a reminder of when to do it and will give you extra peace of mind.
2. Swap your tires. It's easily overlooked, but rotating your tires from front to back is standard maintenance. It assures that all four of your tires will wear evenly. The transition out of winter is a good reminder to check your tire tread depth and swap them around.
3. Check your windscreen wipers. Winter can be a hard time for your wipers especially if you experience snow. Pay close attention to your wipers, if they are leaving marks or streaks on your windscreen they may be worn and need replacing.
4. Check for rust. With pleanty of grit on the road comes the risk of your vehicle rusting. Make sure to check the bottom of your bodywork as well as underneath your car. You should also check for scratches on the bodywork as these can welcome rust at a later date.
5. Have a clean. Cleaning your car can be a chore, but with winter going away it'll be a lot less muddy. So hoover those floor mats and clean the small nooks inside your car!
6. System updates. This is often overlooked too. With the majority of new cars having infotainment systems, it is important to keep the software up to date to avoid bugs and issues with previous versions. These can either be done over the air (OTA) or by visiting your dealer, depending on your car.