Iconic Renault 4 Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

In 1961, the Renault 4L was revealed with a unique launch campaign, in which 200 models were placed on the outskirts of a motor show and available to test drive. Since then, over 8 million models of the Renault 4L have been sold, making it one of the most revolutionary and iconic cars throughout history.

The Renault 4 was known for its affordability, practicality, simplified equipment and design. The 4L also included a revolutionary rear loading system, which is now known today as the tailgate, as well as a modular rear seat bench, which made it a versatile family solution to transport. The 4L was used by the masses in France and quickly became known as the "lifestyle car"


A Journey Through Time

Renault 4L "Haute Couture" - 1963

"Elle prend le volant!" or the "She's driving!" campaign, involved 100 R4 super cars that were dressed in a unique style with a plaid pattern on the exterior and chrome hubcaps. In this campaign, 6,000 female drivers were allowed to take the car on a 2 day test drive so they could see for themselves how much of an advancement the car was at the time. All the drivers gave feedback to Renault which assisted them in tweaking the car to perfection.

​Renault 4L "Plein Air"- 1969

​Only produced in small numbers, the Plein Air was an open top leisure car purely designed for driving along a beach. The model featured 4-wheel drive developed by Sinpar, which made it the perfect car for summer adventures.

Renault 4 F4 "Darty" - 1986

This specific model of the Renault 4 included a 300kg load capacity with reinforced rear suspension to support heavier loads, and a windowed back door.

The model was heavily used by French public services including The French Post Office and The French Gendarmerie Nationale, due to it meeting the perfect requirements as an efficient day-to-day workhorse.

Renault 4 'Saline 4 fun' - 2011

Proving that the design of the Renault 4 was timeless, The 50th anniversary was celebrated with a special modified edition of the car to participate at the famous 'Speed Week' on the Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA. The adapted 4L eventually weighed in at around 780kg, largely due to the adaptations that had to be implemented for the long distance sprint such as a parachute and an exhaust coming out of a front wing! The 4L was powered by a Renault 5 Turbo engine which was tuned to reach 285hp. All the hard work eventually paid off as when it came to run, it reached an incredible 237km/h (147mph), which is nearly double the speed of the original!

​Final Days​

1992 was the final year of the Renault 4L. As a final send off, Renault produced 1000 special units of the car named the 'Bye Bye' edition. Each model left the production line with a numbered plate visible on the dashboard, counting down from 1000.

It is still remembered all across the world 30 years forward, with enthusiasts actively restoring, modifying, and meeting fellow owners, living on the legacy of the Renault 4L.