Nissan Qashqai Celebrates 10 years of Crossover Leadership

Nissan is the first brand to achieve this notifiable milestone within the automotive world simply because of one reason. The Nissan Qashqai is a model to be seen to have pioneered the crossover segment to develop itself into the car consumers, know and love today. Looking back over a decade ago, there was no car which combined the practicality with the desirability of an SUV whilst also incorporating the size, efficiency and dynamic performance of a hatchback.

The innovative design introduced a new aspect of car buying for customers, a car which buyers were looking for. The first generation of Qashqai's went on sale in 2007 and it is safe to say they were a great success. With close to 100,000 cars sold across Europe before the end of year. 10 years on and more than 2.3 million cars have been produced and sold in and around Europe making the Qashqai the region's best-selling crossover.

Want a award winning car? Look no further, the Nissan Qashqai has won over 80 awards, 19 of which recognising the car as "Car of the Year." In the UK 2016 was a big year for Nissan Qashqai as not only did it remain best-selling medium sized (C segment) SUV but once again took home the award for the UK's 5th best-selling car overall.

In the decade since the Qashqai was launched C segment crossover sales in Europe have gone from zero to 2.6 units in 2016 alone. Although Nissan now have 21 direct competitors the inventor of the segment still remains the number one model.

Within 2016, Nissan sold 261,429 Qashqai's in Europe- have you got yours yet?

Success with the Nissan Brand and the award winning model have spread beyond Europe, Nissan Qashqai now stan at 3.3 million units across 137 countries worldwide.