New Nissan LEAF has been named a ‘Game Changer’ at the Auto Car Awards 2018

The new Nissan LEAF has been named a ‘Game Changer’ at the prestigious Autocar Awards 2018.

The Game Changer awards are given only to vehicles that bring new, higher standards to their class or for defying conventions for the benefits of buyers.

Mark Tisshaw, Editor of Autocar, said; “Nissan’s purely electric hatchback is already a game changer, having sold to the tune of more than 300,000 units since its introduction in 2010. No zero-emission rival has managed to bottle quite the same blend of range and usability at an affordable price, though several have come increasingly close.”

“The second-generation model represents a towering achievement for Nissan. Simply, this car moves the LEAF out ahead of its would-be rivals once again. Conventional combustion-engine rivals also now face a greater threat from this Nissan than at any point to date. Few, if any electric cars, and certainly none at this price point, offer such a compelling case for making the switch.”

Alex Smith, Managing Director of Nissan Motor GB commented, “We’re simply delighted with this official recognition by Autocar of the strengths of the new Nissan LEAF, not just in the EV segment but also as a compelling proposition to any drivers looking to change to 100% electric.”

“The 2018 LEAF is far more than just an electric vehicle though. Through Nissan Intelligent Mobility it can become a mobile energy hub, providing clean, renewable power to homes and businesses and even saving owners money on their energy bills – all whilst reducing environmental impact.”

The new Nissan LEAF, the world's best-selling electric vehicle, is the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility. The LEAF represents a whole new driving experience, designed to move people with greater exhilaration, confidence and connection to the world around them thanks to intelligent features such as ProPILOT, e-Pedal and bi-directional charging.