New 2024 Hyundai SANTA FE: Bold & Modern 7-Seat SUV

Hyundai has unveiled its 2024 SANTA FE SUV in a virtual event that showcased its innovative design and spacious interior. The new model features a wide tailgate that opens up to a terrace-like area, where passengers can enjoy the outdoors with ease.

The fifth-generation SANTA FE is longer and wider than its predecessors, offering more room for third-row seats and cargo.

Watch the world premiere of the new SANTA FE below:

Exterior Design

The new SANTA FE has a boxy and efficient shape, with a longer wheelbase that adds more room for passengers and cargo. The exterior design is strong and refined, with a high bonnet, sharply-defined fenders and 21-inch wheels that give it a powerful presence. The front and rear lights have an H-shaped pattern that reflects the Hyundai logo and creates a distinctive image. The wide tailgate, which opens up to a terrace-like area, gives the SUV a solid and simple look.

Interior Design

The all-new SANTA FE has a spacious and elegant interior that matches its bold exterior design. The dashboard and air vents have a unique H-shaped layout that creates a sense of openness. The interior also features a UV-C Sterilization Tray and dual wireless charging system for smartphones, as well as a Panoramic Curved Display that combines the 12.3-inch digital cluster and infotainment system. The new SANTA FE has the longest wheelbase in its class, which allows for fully foldable second-and third-row seats. This creates a terrace-like space at the back of the car, ideal for outdoor activities such as car camping and adventure trips.


In Europe, the all-new SANTA FE will be available with two powertrain options, including the same 1.6-liter Turbocharged Hybrid (Gamma III 1.6T GDI HEV – 6AT), or a gasoline 1.6-liter Turbocharged Plug-in Hybrid (Gamma III 1.6T GDI PHEV – 6AT) with maximum engine output of 160 ps and maximum torque of 27.0 kgf·m. (Note - Power figures are for the ICE unit only, EV motor and total system output are still to be confirmed.)