​Move Electric Awards: Hyundai Named e-Business of the Year​

Success for Hyundai as they take home e-Business of the Year at the 2022 Move Electric Awards, with the IONIQ 5 also being named Best Electric Car. The Move Electric Awards focus on the ways that are helping reinvent electric mobility. The winners were selected by panels of judges featuring experts in their respective category. Hyundai plans to introduce 11 fully electric models by 2030 as it seeks to expand its EV range. This year, Hyundai will begin sales of the IONIQ 6, followed by the IONIQ 7 in 2024.

James Attwood, Move Electric editior had positive comments about Hyundai's success:

"In just a handful of years, the Hyundai Motor Group has transformed itself from a car firm trying to catch up with established European rivals into a group that is setting the standard and pushing forward in the development of new technology. It has done that by investing heavily in electrification and the wider mobility infrastructure with an incredible level of commitment. The Hyundai IONIQ 5 is a demonstration of the firm’s progress. By investing heavily in the electric technology Hyundai has produced a machine that is helping to set the standard for its rivals. The IONIQ 5 looks and feels like a car from the future – but it’s one you can buy and drive on the roads today."

Ashley Andrew, Hyundai Motor UK Managing Director said:

At Hyundai, there is a very deliberate shift in our attitude from 'car company' to 'mobility company', as we seek to deliver on our overall brand vision to provide freedom of movement to everyone. We are heavily investing in mobility services, we're building close relationships with leading mobility service providers and – while it remains at our core – we're expanding our role beyond the automotive sector. We're extremely grateful to the mobility experts at Move Electric in recognising the great leaps we've already made in transforming our business, as well as our EV line-up specifically. IONIQ 5 is the first of many revolutionary Hyundai’s built on a completely bespoke EV platform, marking the beginning of a new era of design, luxury and innovation for our vehicles.