Hyundai Motor’s Kona Electric sets range record of 1,026 kilometres

In a success for Hyundai Motor’s vision of electromobility, three Kona Electric models set a range record for the company’s electric vehicles. The challenge was simple: with a single battery charge, each car should be able to go further than 1,000 kilometres. The fully-electric subcompact SUVs mastered the test, also known as “hypermiling”, with ease and only stopped without power after exactly 1,018.7, 1,024.1 and 1,026.0 kilometres. In relation to the 64 kWh battery capacity, each individual value represents another record, as the cars' power consumption of 6.28, 6.25 and 6.24 kWh/100 km was well below the standard value of 14.7 kWh/100 km determined by the WLTP.

All Kona Electric vehicles were in series production when they arrived at the Lausitzring, which corresponds to a range of 484 kilometres according to the WLTP standard. In addition, the three 150 KW/204 PS city SUVs were controlled by alternating drivers during their three-day deployment, and the vehicles' assistance systems remained untouched. These two factors are also important prerequisites for the significance of Hyundai’s range mission. Dekra, the expert organisation that has been operating the Lausitzring since 2017, ensured that everything went according to plan during the successful efficiency record attempt.

Juan Carlos Quintana, head of Hyundai Motor Deutschland press workshop said "The range mission showed us that the Kona Electric's high-voltage batteries and power electronics harmonise very well. It is also significant that all three test cars achieved almost the same number of kilometres. This represents an extremely low production spread.”

Another important finding during the test was that the charge level indicator of the Hyundai Kona Electric is very reliable and counts down percentages according to driving style. At zero per cent, the car continues to drive for several hundred metres, then drives out without power and finally stops with a small jerk because the electric parking brake is activated for safety reasons.

“I offer my congratulations to all who took part in this range mission, which has proven that our Kona Electric is affordable, immediately available and highly efficient,” says Michael Cole, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe. “This lifestyle-oriented car combines the attractive design of a compact SUV with the advantages of an environmentally-friendly electric vehicle. That means every Kona Electric customer will purchase a vehicle with a range of sophisticated technology that remains suitable for everyday use.”