Dacia Jogger: The Only Family Car in the UK with Wheelchair Accessibility

Breaking barriers of practicality and accessibility, the Dacia Jogger now offers an award-winning solution for all individuals, thanks to the innovative Wheelchair Accessible Car conversion by Sirus Automotive. With this groundbreaking conversion, the Dacia Jogger becomes the sole new Wheelchair Accessible Car available for purchase in the UK market.

Sirus Automotive, a pioneer in the field of mobility solutions for over two decades, has designed and manufactured cutting-edge solutions such as Drive From Wheelchair and Upfront Passenger Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. Leveraging their expertise, they have transformed the Dacia Jogger into an exceptional family-friendly car that sets new industry standards.

The engineers at Sirus Automotive recognized the potential of the Dacia Jogger as a platform that could provide remarkable interior space, typically reserved for van-based conversions, in a car of this size. The conversion is capable of accommodating up to six people, including one wheelchair passenger.

​By lowering the floor, it achieves a spacious interior with generous headroom for wheelchair users. The mid-row seats can be folded for additional space or left in place for wheelchair users to sit with rear-seat passengers. The ramp has an anti-slip coating for safety, and various wheelchair restraint systems are available.

“Just because you are in a wheelchair doesn’t mean life stops,” explains Andrew Russell, one of the first customers of the Dacia Jogger Wheelchair Accessible Car. “We still need a car that is nice to drive, offers flexibility, has rear seats for our grandchildren, and ISOFIX for two child seats. To be able to fit myself plus another five people in the car is fantastic. We will use all the rear seats on the occasions we are taking our grandchildren on holiday. The modular roof bars also mean we can easily transport our luggage.

“Travelling in the back is very comfortable and there is plenty of headroom, and I am 5 ft 10,” he continued. “I also need flexibility and plenty of space in the rear as I use different wheelchairs. I had been using accessible taxis and with some of them you just felt like a piece of luggage travelling in the boot! I don’t feel like that in the Dacia Jogger as I am sat further forwards, so I can sit with my grandchildren and just feel like part of the family. My wife loves it too, as its dimensions mean it’s easy to manoeuvre and drive, and with it only taking a couple of minutes for me to get in and out, it means we can now take going out for granted. There’s now no need to weigh up whether the effort is worth it, and that’s the appeal of it – it’s a standard car that happens to have wheelchair access.”  

On his first impressions of the Dacia Jogger, the ex-headteacher added: “I’d seen all the awards that it had won and had heard good things about Dacia, but for the price, I was still expecting it to be functional rather than anything else. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the features and quality, and it certainly feels like it’ll last. I also like the fact that I’ve got everything in the back that everybody else does, such as a USB charger and cup holders. It’s really well thought out.”

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