Dacia Duster Reaches 2 Million Sales Worldwide

Celebrations all round as the iconic Dacia Duster reaches 2 million sales worldwide. The Dacia Duster was launched across Europe in 2010, and has won more than 40 awards since launch, including the UK's 'Best Family SUV for Value' at the What Car? car of the Year Awards 2022, the 'Best Family Car' in Germany and Belgium and Romanian Car of the Year.

Did You Know?

2 million Dusters equates to more space than 2,100 football pitches, the length of a round trip from Helsinki to Ankara and 380 times the height of Mount Everest!
One Duster exits the production line on average every 63 seconds, with average 1,000 Dusters leaving the factory every day.

Reaching the milestone of 2 million Dusters sold worldwide comes at an exciting time for Dacia as they have recently updated the model to keep up with modern advancements, whilst maintaining the same robustness and value.

The Duster has a variety of uses globally, which include a Duster pick-up, a Duster ambulance, a Duster police car and also the famous Duster 'popemobile'. This long list of versatile uses continues to expand as the Romanian Ministry of Defense have recently ordered 880 dusters, making it the service vehicle of choice for many sectors.

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