Dacia Celebrates Multiple Victories at the 2023 Autocar Awards

Dacia once again demonstrates its winning formula as the Dacia Jogger and Dacia Sandero receive accolades at the 2023 Autocar Awards, with the Jogger named 'Best Family Car' and the Sandero hailed as the 'Best Budget Car.'

In a remarkable achievement for the brand, the Dacia duo secured two of the most significant awards of the evening. The introduction of the 'Best Budget Car' category this year reflects the current times and further emphasises the brand's triumph. Adding to the celebration, Denis Le Vot, the CEO of Dacia, was honored with the prestigious Sturmey Award. This recognition acknowledges his innovation and accomplishments in the automotive industry, paying homage to Henry Sturmey, the revered founding editor and automotive pioneer.

Dacia Jogger - Best Family Car

​Mark Tisshaw, Editor of Autocar, explained the rationale behind choosing the Jogger as the champion of the family car category:​ 

“The Dacia Jogger is 2023’s unexpected hero. Given the rampant rise in the cost of living that we’ve experienced in the past year, the Jogger is a particularly relevant car for families. It offers all the space and utility you need, including a genuinely usable third row of seats, for significantly less money than most standard hatchbacks. What truly makes the Jogger a great car is that it drives so much better than it strictly needs to. The enduring feeling is that the Jogger is so much better at everything it does than it has any right to for the amount of money Dacia charges for it.”

Dacia Sandero - Best Budget Car

Tisshaw was equally impressed with the Sandero, which has consistently been recognised as one of the best value-for-money new cars in the UK for over a decade:

“Just in terms of metal-for-the-money value, it’s a lot of car: a full-sized supermini for less than rival firms charge for an ‘A-segment’ city car – and not a small one, either. The Sandero can seat four adults of average height quite comfortably and it has a useful 330-litre boot. It has comfy seats, well-located controls, a simple but clever fascia design, and certainly escapes any austerity interior feel if you go for a mid-spec Expression model. No other new car frees up more of your own money for you to have fun with if you so choose. No other does more for such little outlay.”

On accepting the awards, Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK, said:

“We’re especially pleased to win these awards as they recognise our core values and how Dacia has innovatively evolved to provide car buyers with what they really need. A year after its launch, the Jogger is still unrivalled in terms of the space and versatility it offers families, while the Sandero is still as popular as ever with customers that are seeking optimum value, quality and usability. These awards illustrate that Dacia, and what it has to offer, remains relevant to the changing requirements of drivers and families, whether it is with one of our most established models or our youngest.”