Car We There Yet?

Busy Brits will only take their children on seven family days out this year - with the seaside the top destination, according to new research. Hectic lifestyles, not being able to get the same time off as the other half, and money issues are putting the brakes on the number of ‘daycations’ they are able to take.

The survey of 2,000 adults revealed that on average, parents spend around £700 and covering 300 miles on the seven big days out. Sadly, 40 per cent are expecting to go on five or fewer outings. When families do get the chance to go out, the beach is the favoured location - followed by the park, countryside, zoo and a trip to see a relative. It also emerged on the journey, children will ask 'are we there yet?' once every 40 minutes - and it is expected that the first call for the toilet will be 54 minutes into the trip.

The study also found two-thirds of adults "can't wait to spend some quality time with the family" - with one-in-20 admitting they don’t look forward to family trips. The biggest frustration is getting children ready on time, followed by the moment parents realise it is going to be a nightmare trying to cram everything into the boot of the car.

However, the stresses of going away are worth it - with the prospect of a new adventure with their children topping a list of reasons parents plan outings.

The research was commissioned by Hyundai ahead of the Easter holidays to encourage people to spend more quality time with their families and to celebrate its new seven-seat Santa Fe SUV.

A Hyundai spokesperson said: "Families are short on time and they want to make every moment count. While road trips can be difficult with little ones, we know they’re worth it. They give children the chance to go on exciting adventures with their parents while mums and dads can get the enjoyment of watching their children experiencing different environments. The Easter break is the perfect time to enjoy some precious family bonding – whether it’s a trip to the beach, a walk in the countryside or maybe a play in the local park.''

The survey found three-in-ten families plan to visit a museum, while ten per cent will go on a trip to a river or lake. One-quarter of those, surveyed by OnePoll, will go sightseeing in a big city, with London topping the list as best day trips ahead of York, Edinburgh, Brighton and Liverpool. And 30 per cent of parents have to worry about their children suffering from a bout of travel sickness.

Parents won’t purely rely on giving their children electrical devices to keep them entertained on a journey, with ‘having a singalong’, playing ‘I Spy’ and 'talking to them' among the most popular options.

The survey also revealed 46 per cent of British families plan on having a 'staycation' in the UK this year. Cornwall and Devon are the most popular destinations, with Brits also taking their bucket and spades to traditional seaside resorts like Scarborough, Skegness and Blackpool.

The Hyundai spokesperson added: ''The Hyundai Santa Fe features some clever technology to make family trips that bit easier. There’s a smart electric tailgate – handy when your hands are full, head-up display so you won’t have to take your eyes off the road, remote window control for when someone’s left a window open, and a surround view monitor to help with tight parking spaces.”

Top ten day trips:

  1. Beach
  2. Park
  3. Zoo / safari park
  4. Picnic 
  5. Countryside
  6. Visit relatives
  7. Theme park
  8. Shopping centre
  9. Museum
  10. Sightseeing in a city

Top ten cities for day trips:

  1. London
  2. York
  3. Edinburgh
  4. Brighton
  5. Liverpool
  6. Bath
  7. Manchester
  8. Birmingham
  9. Bristol
  10. Newcastle