Why Spring is the perfect time to change your air filter

Spring is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to take care of all your car’s maintenance needs. This includes replacing your car air filters, including your engine air filter – so why not tick this off your Spring to-do list! Keep reading to find out why is spring a good time to change your car’s air filters…

Why you need your engine air filter changed this spring

Spring cleaning is here, and this is the right time to change all your vehicle’s air filters. During springtime, your air filters are working double time for your car to keep running. Right before all the pollen hits, make sure your car filters can continue to work properly, if you don’t replace these air filters, your car could be slowed down a lot this spring. Removing all the dirt and dust that builds up onto your engine air filter will clear the air that you are breathing, and your car is dealing with.

Two types of car air filters

Modern cars these days have two main air filters that need changed regularly - one is called your cabin air filter. Usually, this cabin air filter is located right in your glove compartment or beneath the dashboard. This will need replaced regularly to avoid polluted air from coming into your vehicle’s vents. The other type of car filter is your engine air filter. This engine air filter prevents dust, dirt, or anything else from getting into your engine.

How often do I need to change my air filters?

Knowing when to change your car’s air filters is important for the health of your car. Maintenance schedules for different makes of vehicles differ on when the air filters should be changed. Check your owner’s manual to see the suggested time to replace all your vehicle’s air filters. The average mileage of when to change them are every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. Some signs that you need your car air filters changed are:

A decrease in your fuel economy
Your air filters look dirty and dusty
Ignition issues
It’s replacement time according to your car owner’s manual