Understanding driver location signs

In this month’s blog we are going to look at driver location signs, what they mean and how they can help you. As always, happy reading and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in contact using the links above.

If you are planning a trip around the country, or visiting somewhere you are not too familiar with, it is important to know where you are should you need to report an incident or have broken down.

You may have noticed that every 500 metres or so on motorways and major A roads there are small signs with three rows of information. These are called driver location signs and will help break down and emergency services find your exact location. Driver location signs are small and a bright blue on motorways or green on A roads.

What does the sign mean?

Driver location signs will always have three rows to them and will identify your exact location.

Line one

The top row of the location sign is the name of the road you are on. For example, if you are on the M25 the top line of the sign would read M25 – it’s that simple!

Line Two

The second line of the sign will either be the letter A or the letter B. This tells you the direction you are travelling in. ‘A’ refers to either the northbound side, the side on which the junction numbers increase, or away from London.

‘B’ is simply the opposite. So, southbound side, junction numbers decreasing or heading towards London. To simplify this and give you an example, if you were travelling on the M25, ‘A’ means clockwise as the junction numbers are increasing.

*Tip* Sometimes if you are on a motorway slip road you may see the letter J, K, L, M, depending on your direction and location.

Line Three

The last line of the location sign will be how far (in kilometres) you have travelled from the start of the Motorway you are on, or the A road. For example, when travelling on the M25 the distance will be measured clockwise from the Dartford Crossing.

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