Your top 5 tips are here: Be smart & safe when de-icing your car

Winter is fast approaching, and cold mornings are upon us. Although we know no-body likes to get up early in the cold to defrost their car ready for the day ahead, ensuring you have de-iced your car so it is safe and legal is very important.

So, as always happy reading and be safe and smart when de-icing your vehicle.

Tip 1: As tempting as it is, never drive away until your vehicle's windscreen is fully defrosted and clear, only clearing enough of the driver's side so you can see out will leave you with restricted visibility. Not only that, it is a legal requirement for your windscreen to be clear and free of obstructions; failing to do so could land you with a £60 fine and three points on your licence. What's more, if you have an accident while your windscreen is not completely clear, your insurance company may not cover you.

Image: UK Government, The Highway Code
Image: UK Government, The Highway Code
Image: UK Government, The Highway Code

Tip 2: Standing out in the cold having to scrape your car is never ideal in the mornings but leaving your heating or air con on and sitting in the warmth of your house can be a lot worse. Not only is this bad for your fuel economy and the environment, it can open you up to risk of having your vehicle stolen.

DID YOU KNOW?: If you leave your car unattended with the engine running your insurance company will not cover you if it is stolen. What's more, if your car is parked on a public road you are also breaking the law! Stationary idling is an offence under section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and can incur a £20 fixed-penalty fine under the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) Regulations 2002, which increases to £40 if unpaid within a given time frame.

Tip 3: Pouring hot water onto your windscreen is not a good idea. The temperature difference between the water and the windscreen can cause the glass to crack. Trust us, a bottle of de-icer is a lot cheaper than a new windscreen.

Tip 4: Kneeling on top of the bonnet or resting yourself on the windscreen to get to those more difficult to reach places is not sensible. You can easily cause damage to yourself and the vehicle, work around the vehicle when de-icing.

Tip 5: We also suggest you avoid using a credit/debit card, CD case or anything metal and sharp as a scraper as this can scratch and damage the glass. Stick to a specially designed ice scraper. 

As much as we dislike having to get up a little earlier in the morning in the cold to clear our windscreen, cutting corners can be costly and damaging to your vehicle. By following our top 5 tips and avoiding those supposedly “quick tricks” you can ensure your morning routine is carried out safely and legally.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog and stay warm and safe this winter.