All-New Vauxhall Astra Electric Wins 'Efficiency Award' at Awards 2024

The Efficiency Award for 2024 from has been given to the All-New Vauxhall Astra after impressing the judges with its overall efficiency and innovative technology.

The Awards act to acknowledge and award electric cars that have made significant achievements in the field, and have furthermore praised the Astra Electric for achieving the highest efficiency of any car assessed by their experts. This is thanks to the next-generation battery and efficient electric motor.

Now powered with a quieter and more efficient electric motor, the newest Astra Electric includes features such as a heat pump that allows the electric motor to operate at maximum efficiency in hot or cold weather. It additionally comes in a variety of driving modes – Eco, Normal and Sport – with the All-New Astra Electric having a range of 258 miles (WLTP) in Normal mode, while driving in Eco mode offers the option of further improved efficiency.

The Astra’s theme of efficiency continues with its new battery size, now resulting in a lower kerb weight. It weighs only 58kg more than the Plug-in Hybrid version and does so without compromising passenger space or boot capacity. The All-New Astra Electric also allows for 100kW rapid charging, meaning that it can achieve 20%-80% charge in 26 quick minutes.

By utilizing the MyVauxhall app, drivers can also pre-condition their vehicle's cabin, optimizing the electric driving range. This involves using mains electricity to heat or cool the cabin ahead of the journey.

Ginny Buckley, Founder and CEO of, said:

“The new Vauxhall Astra Electric shocked us in the best way – by being the most efficient electric car we’ve ever driven. We know that many buyers have concerns about the driving range of electric models and over a 200+ mile journey we averaged five miles from every kWh of energy in its battery, a remarkable figure that will give potential owners peace of mind.”

Starting in 2024, Vauxhall plans to provide a fully electric variant for each model within its lineup.

To find out more on the Vauxhall Astra Electric, follow the link below.