Ordering your Motability Car Once you have chosen the car that is right for you, you are ready to place your order. Placing your order is done using an online form completed by one of our Motability specialists on your behalf. You will need to be present while we do this, unless you have a legal appointee who will represent you.

In order to complete your application you will need to bring the following with you to the dealership:

  • Your driving licence (if you wish to drive the car).
  • Certificate of entitlement from the DWP or SPVA.
  • Proof of address - e.g. a recent bank statement or utility bill.
  • Details of any accidents or driving convictions for your and/or your named drivers.

  • The driving licences of any named drivers and their consent for their details to be checked by the DVLA. If your named drivers are unable to attend the dealership please let us know as there is a form they will need to complete.

PIN Number

Around two weeks after your application has been accepted by Motability you will receive a PIN number. Please keep this safe as you will need it when you come to collect your car.

When Will I Get My Car?

The amount of time it takes between placing your order and receiving your car will vary depending on the model you have chosen, and whether you require any adaptations to be fitted before delivery. Your Motability specialist will give you an estimated delivery date once your application has been accepted by Motability and will keep you up-to-date with your car's progress up to the date of delivery.

When Will I Stop Being Paid My Allowance?

Your allowance will switch from being paid to you to being paid to Motability by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or Veterans UK one week prior to the date we expect you to take delivery of your new car. Any allowance you do not receive prior to receiving your car will be repaid to you once you have collected your new car.

Collecting Your Car

Around a week before your new car is ready for a collection, your Motability specialist will contact you to arrange a convenient day and time for you to visit the dealership to take delivery of your brand new Motability car. You, or a legal appointee, must be present to collect the car, if you are unwell and are unable to attend please contact your Motability specialist to rearrange collection. Please note - named drivers are not allowed to collect the car on your behalf.

​Advance Payments

If the car you have chosen has an advance payment this will need to be paid by us on, or before, they day you are collecting your car. If you are paying the advance payment by personal cheque we will need this 7 working days before you are due to collect your car in order to allow this to clear prior to collection.

Your PIN Number

Your PIN number is used instead of signing a piece of paper and confirms your acceptance of the Motability agreement. Once you have inspected the car and are happy with it you will need to enter your number into the Motability system.

Finding the Right Car for You

Our Motability specialists have been trained to offer expert advice to ensure your Motability car is perfectly suited to your needs. To find out more about the cars available from Smiths on the Motability Scheme please use the links below to visit your preferred Motability dealership: