Electric Ownership
Electric cars are the future – and they’re available right now at Smiths Motor Group.

An electric vehicle (EV) offers everything you’d expect of a petrol/diesel equivalent, except it's much more affordable to run. This is because it requires an electric charge rather than a fuel top-up. What’s more, EVs produce zero CO2 or NOx emissions, making them the most environmentally friendly motoring solution available. And, since EVs don’t have as many moving parts as combustion engine driven vehicles, they’re less inclined to go wrong.
Got a Question?

Do electric cars need servicing?

Yes. Regular servicing is recommended to ensure that your electric car operates at peak capacity while remaining safe – and that any underlying issues are identified early.

What servicing does an electric car need?

While an EV requires less maintenance than a regular car, there are aspects that should be checked on a frequent basis, including:

  • Electric motor(s) and battery – while these don’t need much maintenance, you should nonetheless follow your car manufacturer’s recommended service schedule
  • Oils and coolants – the vast majority of EVs are fitted with automatic transmission, which requires lubrication, as does the battery. In both cases, top-ups are essential but not needed as frequently as for petrol/diesel cars
  • Brakes – since EVs use regenerative braking, brake-pad wear isn’t as much of an issue as it is with regular cars. Nevertheless, they still require periodic replacement
  • Suspension – electric cars tend to be a little heavier (mainly due to the battery), which means that springs and dampers should be checked. Don’t worry, this will occur during routine maintenance

Book a service

We offer online service booking 24 hours a day. If your electric vehicle needs attention, please make your service appointment as soon as you’re ready.


Service Plans With our range of Service Plans, you’ll always have access to essential maintenance. Our Service Plans are designed to make maintenance affordable, allowing you to pay in manageable monthly instalments – or in one lump sum, if you prefer. Find Out More

Who can service electric vehicles?

Whenever your EV needs servicing, you can rely on our expert technicians to deliver exceptional results – and at prices that are kind to bank balances.

Here at Smiths Motor Group, we’re electric vehicle experts and we always go the extra mile. It’s not worth compromising on your electric vehicle’s health. This is why you should get a specialist to look after your EV; don’t lose out, be sure to get your EV servicing at Smiths.

How to keep the battery in good health

Electric batteries should last from 10 to 20 years before replacement is necessary.

The more a battery is charged, the quicker it begins to degrade. For instance, fully charging your car’s battery is pointless if you don’t intend to drive. By getting into the habit of charging according to your expected usage, you’ll get the most out of your battery.

Other things that will help deliver battery longevity:

  • Before recharging, allow the battery to cool down
  • Ensure the battery is charged between 20 percent and 80 percent
  • Try to minimise rapid charger usage
  • Minimise battery exposure to warm temperatures

Parts & Accessories

At Smiths Motor Group, we only ever use genuine Dacia, Hyundai, Nissan, Renault and Vauxhall components during servicing and repairs.

An array of official manufacturer parts and accessories are available at our Ilkeston and Peterborough branches. Anything that we don’t have, we’ll happily order for you.