Renault Vehicle Diagnostics Vehicle Diagnostics from Only £00 at Smiths Renault, Peterborough

Vehicles have evolved over the years to be provide a much greater level of driving enjoyment and to offer many advancements in safety, comfort and in-car entertainment facilities. With all of this technology, there has also come an increase in the general complexity of the vehicles too. This means that sometimes the systems in the vehicles can require attention and this would normally be conveyed to the driver either by a warning light and message or by the apparent failure of a system to work.

Unfortunately, it’s not always simple to rectify these issues and its really important that a methodical approach to fault finding is applied to any problems.

Step 1

The first step in any diagnosis procedure is to confirm that the customers concern can be reproduced so that the technician knows exactly what concern we are looking into. Generally, this means our Technical Supervisor will come out and drive the vehicle with you or discuss your concern in detail to make sure we have all the relevant information.

Step 2

The next step would normally be connection to the our specialist Renault diagnostic equipment and the commencement of the basic data and fault interrogation. Often the equipment will return multiple faults relating to multiple systems on the car and in this case, we need to decide which are related to the customer concern and which may be historic and unrelated faults.

Sadly, there is a common misconception that simply “plugging the vehicle into the tool” will tell us what the fault is, but in reality, all diagnostic tools can tell us is what area or circuit the fault is in. Whilst sometimes this may be all you need to find the fault, sometimes further investigation is required.

Step 3

Once we know which fault is relevant, the next step is to carry out a preliminary inspection into the area highlighted by the diagnostic equipment, looking for any signs of damage to, or failure of, the relevant parts. At this stage we would be able to either confirm what is at fault, or detail what further work is needed to complete the diagnosis procedure, along with any associated costs.

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