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Renault Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Refresh Only £29 | Air Conditioning Service From £69

Many Renault vehicle are fitted with an air conditioning or climate control system to keep the car cool in summer and remove moisture from the air in both summer and winter, preventing your windows from misting up. These systems are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle, but they require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to work safely and efficiently. At Smiths we have the specialist knowledge, training and tools to keep the air conditioning system fitted to your Renault in factory-fresh condition.

Why Does My Air Conditioning Need Maintenance? 

There are three reasons why you vehicle's air conditioning system needs regular maintenance.

Reason 1:

Inside your vehicle's air conditioning system it is warm and moist - the perfect environment for bacteria, mould, fungi and other types of micro-organisms to grow. In mild cases this can mean unpleasant odours enter the cabin, but in the worst cases you might experience nose, throat and eye irritations and even breathing difficulties for some people.

Reason 2:

Your vehicle's ventilation system includes a filter, which helps to remove particles from the air, such as pollen or exhaust fumes, before they enter the cabin. Over time, this will become clogged with dirt meaning it can no longer remove unpleasant particles from the air and these will begin to enter the cabin.

Reason 3:

Air conditioning systems are filled with refrigerant gas to cool the air. All air conditioning systems lose around 10% of this gas every year, meaning that over time they become less effective at cooling the air. This has two affects: 1. The air entering the cabin is warmer, and 2. the system has to work harder, putting strain on the system's components as well as increasing your vehicle's fuel consumption. 

Air Conditioning Refresh - Only £29

Our Air Conditioning Refresh cleans your vehicle's air conditioning system. We also fully check the system to ensure it is working as Renault intended:

  • Clean the system using an anti-bacterial cleaner to remove the build up of micro-organisms that can be detrimental to health and cause unpleasant smells inside the car.
  • Test the system's ability to cool the air using a temperature sensor and compare this to factory standards.
  • Fully check the system for faults to reduce the chance of issues developing in future.

We recommend having your car's air conditioning system refreshed annually to keep it in top condition and avoid microbial build-up.

Air Conditioning Service - From Only £69*

In addition to the work carried out for an Air Conditioning Refresh, our Air Conditioning Service involves the following:

  • Drain the system of all remaining refrigerant.
  • Refill the system with refrigerant to the optimum level and test.
  • Cabin/pollen filter replacement is available at an extra cost - please contact us for a quotation.

Renault recommends that your air conditioning system is fully serviced every 2 years.

Book your Air Conditioning Refresh or Service by calling our friendly service team on the number below, or book online using the link:

Call: 01733 330 030


*Please note a surcharge may be applied to the Air Conditioning Service if your Vehicle uses the latest R1234yf refrigerant gas. However, we will contact you if this is the case and let you know the cost for your car before confirming your booking.