With fluid lines, an aggressive grille and athletic shoulders, the Renault Kadjar is boldness incarnate. Inspired, solid and sporty, it's by your side in whatever you do and is ready to venture into new horizons at the drop of a hat.


Offering sculpted and enveloping rear lights, a “C” shaped LED light guide on the daytime running lights, and light 17” and 19” alloy wheel rims, the Kadjar asserts itself with authority and distinction, proud of its innovative lighting signature.

Renault Kadjar Rear Light
Renault Kadjar Headlight
Renault Kadjar Apollo Alloy Wheel


Change scenery and explore new sensations. Turn the selector knob, switch to Four-Wheel Drive mode and your crossover safely transports you into landscapes that will take your breath away. Raised ground clearance, aluminium roof bars, side protectors and front and rear skid plates are all part of the Kadjar crossover universe.


Be adventurous every day and set out to discover the city in a new light. With its ENERGY dCi 110 engine, its Stop & Start and regenerative braking system, the Kadjar is a top performer in consumption and CO2 emissions (99g of CO2/km*), making it an eco leader.

*Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are certified using a standard, regulatory method.


Renault Kadjar Interior

At the wheel of your new crossover, explore uncharted territory and new horizons. Safe, connected and user-friendly, the Renault Kadjar does away with convention: its efficient engines, multiple driving assistance features, its comfortable and bright interior, and its intelligent modularity make it the ideal vehicle for escaping.


Faced with changing driving conditions? Just turn the selector knob and choose the most suitable mode. Three modes are available:

2WD: only the front wheels power the vehicle. Under normal driving conditions this optimises your consumption.

Auto: the system automatically adjusts the torque distribution and adapts the transmission of power between each of the front and rear wheels. This delivers optimal traction and safety.

Lock: a 50/50 split between the front and rear wheels is maintained below 25 mph on loose surfaces (earth, sand, mud, snow).

Renault Kadjar Four-wheel drive


The engines powering the Renault Kadjar are advanced, reliable and low on consumption. Fitted with the Stop & Start system with regenerative braking, they include a host of technologies (downsizing, friction reduction, latest-generation injection systems) that elevate them to exemplary levels of performance and consumption, all without sacrificing your driving pleasure.

Renault Kadjar Engine

ENERGY dCi 110 - Driving comfort

The dCi 110 engine has a clear roadmap - to deliver performance and efficiency every day. Designed for drivers who want both economy of use and driving pleasure, it features for the first time steel pistons, which optimise performance by reducing friction. Paired with a six-speed manual gearbox, it is also available with the six-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission. It is remarkably efficient: 99 g of CO2/km* and 74.3mpg*!

*Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are certified using a standard, regulated method.

ENERGY dCi 130 - Driving pleasure

Both versatile and advanced, this engine is packed with the expertise of Renault's motor engineers. No need to compromise either performance for pleasure or driving sensations for consumption. The ENERGY dCi 130 is also available in a Four-Wheel Drive version.

ENERGY TCe 130 - Flexibility and control

Flexible and responsive from low rpm, the Energy TCe 130 petrol engine delivers power with its turbo function and economy with its low consumption.

EDC gearbox - Comfort, moderate consumption and technology

This 6-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox guarantees smooth, jerk-free gear changes. Dynamic and responsive, the EDC responds almost instantly to the slightest driver input. In terms of economy, its fuel consumption is similar to that of a mechanical gearbox. Available with the ENERGY dCi 110 engine, the EDC gearbox is ideal for an enjoyable and relaxed drive in all conditions.


The Renault R-Link 2 multimedia system delivers an enriched driving experience. Intuitive, ergonomic and touch-sensitive, the 7" screen is extremely easy to use. The graphic interface is similar to a tablet: move icons by tapping and dragging, or read by scrolling and zooming.

The new customisable home pages provide easy access to your favourite functions. Six different user profiles can be stored. At just the press of a button, everyone can restore their own personal navigation and multimedia settings, their activation of driving assistance function or the ambience of "their" dashboard.

Renault Kadjar R-Link
Renault Kadjar R-Link
Renault Kadjar R-Link
Renault Kadjar R-Link

Because it's connected, R-Link 2 gives you access to the R-Link Store and its range of apps dedicated to motoring. Also available is a whole host of services such as TomTom* real-time traffic info and driving assistance functions.

A veritable control centre for the vehicle's functionalities and featuring voice recognition, R-Link 2 optimises the on-board experience and introduces you to the delights of connected and personalised driving.

*For a limited period.


Making your motoring easier, more relaxed, safer and more fluid is one of the Renault Kadjar's missions. Its driving assistance systems make it a breeze to adjust your speed, keep straight, check blind spots, park or automatically witch to dipped or full beams depending on whether other vehicles are in the vicinity. With Kadjar, driving is as safe as can be.

Renault Kadjar Sign Recognition
Speeding alert with traffic sign recognition - The system helps you adapt your driving to road sign data captured by the camera. A visual alert is shown on your dashboard and suggests saving it as the value for the speed limiter.​
Renault Kadjar Blind Spot Warning
Blind spot warning - This system detects the presence of vehicles in your blind spot. It automatically alerts the driver using a light signal located on the front left or right door mirror.​
Renault Kadjar Active Emergency Braking
Active emergency braking - This system alerts the driver if there is a risk of collision with the vehicle in front. If the driver reacts insufficiently or not at all, the brakes are activated to prevent or mitigate a collision.

Hands-free parking

Tight spots have never been so easy to handle as with Easy Park Assist. The system assesses the available space and defines the trajectory. Let it take control of the steering for hassle-free parking.​


Offering spaciousness, intelligent modularity and storage capacity, the Renault Kadjar offers a wealth of qualities. To push the boundaries, it includes the “One touch” easy folding system, which features handles in the boot to unlock and automatically fold down the 60:40 split rear seat.

Renault Kadjar Boot
Renault Kadjar Boot
Renault Kadjar Boot
Renault Kadjar Boot Floor
Renault Kadjar Boot Floor

The two positions of the boot floor allow you to choose between a high position that forms a completely flat floor and a low position providing a load volume of 527 litres. The boot can also be divided into two or three spaces for smart and protected storage. Storage spaces are also in full force, with a 30-litre capacity spread throughout the cabin, making the on-board experience a breeze.

Kadjar 360° View

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