Nissan NV200

Nissan NV200 Exterior
NEAT AND DISCREET. Despite NV200’s class-leading 4.2m3 capacity, its compact footprint makes it easy to manoeuvre through traffic and to negotiate parking spaces. A smart design - the best in town.
Nissan NV200 Interior
DRIVER FOCUSED. Inside NV200’s spacious cabin, the solid quality of the materials, thoughtful, functional design details, numerous storage spaces and a higher seating position create a comfortable mobile office.

Load Space

Outstanding Cargo Capacity

NV200 PROVIDES YOU with an outstanding cargo space, the biggest in its category. NV200 has been designed to maximise cargo space by optimising internal dimensions. With 4.2m3 cargo volume and 728kg payload, NV200 is ready for any unexpected jobs.

Clever, Versatile Space

NV200’S HUGE CARGO SPACE has been cleverly designed to maximise internal dimensions and make your everyday work easier. The interior length reaches 2.04m and the width between wheelarches is 1.22m so that two Euro pallets fi t in easily. The cargo fl oor is only 524mm from ground level, so loading NV200 is quicker and easier. Standard fl oor hooks help keep your deliveries secure. NV200 can be confi gured to meet your needs, with a choice of solid steel bulkhead or mesh folding bulkhead, two sliding side doors and optional rear glazing.

Nissan NV200 Loading
2.04M - NV200 has a load space long enough for two Euro pallets.
Nissan NV200 Load Area
1.50M - With more space between doors, wider loads are easy too.
1.36M - A low floor and tall roof means more height to cope with bulky loads.
Nissan NV200 Load Area with Box
4.2M3 - Class leading cargo volume.

Compact Body with Unlimited Possibilities

INTELLIGENT DESIGN MEANS NV200 packs remarkable cargo space into its external dimensions. With an overall length of just 4.40m and an overall width of 1.69m, the compactness of NV200 will surprise you, making it easy to manoeuvre and park in the most challenging urban environment. From baguettes to building materials, NV200 carries the maximum possible in its category.

Nissan NV200 Doors Open

Technology & Performance

City Wise

NV200 THRIVES IN THE CITY. Its unique dimensions make it easier to park and to position in traffic than its competitors. Excellent visibility from the high seating position, plus superb agility, help you manoeuvre easily in crowded streets.

REAR VIEW CAMERA. Squeezing into small parking spaces and loading bays is easy work with the optional rear view camera. The dashboard display gives you a full colour view of the area behind you, and superimposes guidelines to help you position NV200 exactly where you want it.

Nissan NV200 Parking Camera

NV200’s driving position is higher than its rivals to help you see further ahead, with the dashboard instruments angled to face you, so you can read them with just a quick glance.

NV200’s 10.6m turning circle kerb to kerb and compact 4.4m overall length put you streets ahead when you’re picking your way through congested cities.

Smart & Convenient

IT’S EASIER to work and relax in NV200’s smart interior. There’s a solid, quality feel to the materials. Plus many storage spaces, designed for the items you use every day. For example, the optional passenger seatback folds forward to create a useful fl at workspace.

Nissan NV200 Storage

NV200 HAS 13 DIFFERENT STORAGE SPACES (12 with NissanConnect). The centre upper tray and glove box are ideal for paperwork. There are storage trays between the front seats and in front of the passenger (when no passenger airbag is fi tted). Holders for your drinks bottles and cans on the dashboard, are easy to reach. The large door pockets will take an A4 road map. NV200 has concealed storage too, such as the drawer under the driver’s seat and a secret compartment in the glove box.

Low Cost of Ownership

NV200 MAKES GOOD BUSINESS SENSE. From the outset, it’s been designed to offer a low total cost of ownership. Not only through minimal everyday running costs, but also through robust construction and durable materials for long life and reliability.

  • HARD TO BREAK, SIMPLER TO REPAIR. NV200 is tough, to handle the demands of hard work and to keep you well protected. Outside its rigid central structure are effective energy absorbing zones that dissipate impact forces. Though strong, they’re also easy to repair.
  • GEAR CHANGE INDICATOR. When the engine reaches the ideal revs to change up, an indicator shows in the multifunctional display the ideal timing to change gear. This helps you drive more economically.
  • KEEPING YOU INFORMED. NV200 is equipped with a multifunctional display with onboard trip computer that provides all the information you need to help you drive economically. It shows you engine revs, average and real time fuel consumption, and your remaining range. With the rear view camera, the display switches to a full colour picture of what’s behind you, the moment you select reverse gear.

Power with Economy

NV200 IS EQUIPPED with a powerful yet frugal 1.5 dCi turbo diesel engine. There are two options available to choose from. There’s the highly efficient, 90PS, 200Nm torque engine, mated to a smooth 5-speed manual transmission or alternatively if you want more power, there’s the 110PS, 240Nm torque engine, with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Both engines offer excellent fuel economy, with an impressive range in everyday driving conditions, so you can go longer between filling up. Low CO2 emissions enable you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Nissan NV200 Pure Drive


KEEP IN TOUCH with Nissan Connect, your fully integrated navigation, communication and audio-entertainment system.

With steering wheel commands and a 5 inch touch screen to display optimal routes, music and info alerts, your phone book and personal files. Find high-defi nition 2D or 3D maps and auto-zoom on targets. Get voice guidance in 9 languages across Europe.

Play CDs in any format, plug in your iPod, MP3 player or USB stick, browse with Bluetooth® audio streaming or listen to the radio and traffic reports at once. Open your network thanks to hands-free connectivity and enjoy the world at your fingertips.

  • PLAY CDs in any format, browse with Bluetooth® audiostreaming or opt for the radio and traffic reports at once.
  • TRACK your progress with highdefinition 2D or 3D maps and auto-zoom on key targets. With voice guidance in 9 languages across Europe.
  • PLAN your course with a 5" touchscreen and display optimal routes, music and info-alerts and even your phone book and personal files.

NV200 360° View

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