Nissan e-NV200​

When you combine our award-winning NV200 with our award-winning 100% electric LEAF (already over 100,000 on the roads), you get breakthrough and innovative benefits for your business. e-NV200 shares exactly the same technology as Nissan LEAF. It’s a payoff right from the start, as running 100% electric gives you a whole new way to drastically lower your running costs while instantly giving your business environmental and sustainable new direction. With the e-NV200, you open up a new era for your business. You’ll never work the same again!

Nissan e-NV200 Load Length
LOAD UP WITH EASE. Class-leading interior length means you can easily fit two Euro pallets in your rear cargo area. The large cargo area is just one of the many benefits of the battery being integrated into the floor.
Nissan e-NV200 Combi Interior
TAKE THE WHOLE CREW. Accommodate passengers or a work crew. e-NV200 Combi comfortably seats 5, 6 or 7 passengers, while still having up to 2.9 cubic metres of cargo space.
Nissan e-NV200 with Racking
SET IT UP YOUR WAY. Your rear cargo space is functional and versatile, with fl at walls for easy mounting of upfi tter racks and bins.

Lower Your Costs and Boost Your Efficiency

Imagine never having to shell out money for fuel, oil changes or transmission service! That’s what happens when you go 100% electric with e-NV200. In addition to saving money with low running costs, you save time, because you never stop at the gas station and there’s far less vehicle downtime for maintenance. Best of all, your incredibly cost-efficient e-NV200 is the most environmentally-friendly mass-produced van on the market - so quiet and clean, you can make nighttime residential deliveries and gain access to protected and indoor areas. Finally a vehicle for your business that opens new business opportunities.

Creating New Business Opportunities

Because e-NV200 is a zero emissions vehicle with no engine noise, you can quietly make nighttime or early morning deliveries in residential areas, or deploy your van in indoor and protected areas. No more noise, CO2 or NOx particles pollution in your working environment or for your customers.

Work with the Power of 100% Eletric

Start the day ready to go on a full charge, with a 106 miles (NEDC) range for all your pickups, deliveries and appointments. Nissan e-NV200 offers you 3 charging modes: you can charge in about 30 minutes with the rapid charge port, in 4 hours with a wall box*, and on any regular socket** at home or at your workplace in 10 hours with the EVSE cable: you just have to pick the most convenient mode for you. And with its regenerative braking system, the e-NV200 is engineered to help you get the most out of every charge by sending power back to your battery every time you coast, decelerate or brake. It’s the upside to stop-and-go traffic!

Nissan e-NV200 Charging
  • Eco Mode automatically adjusts acceleration response and the climate control system to minimise energy consumption. Now that’s power you can work with!
  • The B mode can be activated whether you are driving with the Eco Mode or not, and will increase the strength of the regenerative braking system. It acts as the engine brake on a diesel or petrol van.

*Using an optional 6.6kW on-board charger and a 32A wall box. **Use of a dedicated circuit for your wall socket is recommended.

A Better Drive, A Better Work Day

There’s nothing like driving electric - the sensation of quietly gliding along, with no engine noise or vibration. Add to that a driver-focused cabin that includes class-leading leg room and high, truck-like seating for greater visibility, and you’re looking at happier, less fatigued and more confident drivers. All that with the comfort of an automatic gearbox that increases driving pleasure. And with exceptionally agile handling (thanks to a low centre of gravity and 15" wheels), instant EV torque for quick and smooth acceleration, and a tight turning radius for easy manoeuvrability, the e-NV200 may just become your best team member for the job!

Nissan e-NV200 Handling

Class-leading driver leg room = more comfort. Truck-like seating = great visibility. Heated seats = more comfort & more range. Battery distribution = low centre of gravity for exceptional handling.

RearView Monitor. Makes tight parking spots more inviting. This standard feature shows you a view of the area behind you and superimposes guidelines to help you position the e-NV200 exactly where you want it.

e-NV200 has an incredibly tight 11.3m turning diameter that helps you negotiate narrow streets and tight parking spaces, while pulling up as close as possible for loading and deliveries.

Monitor All the Information You Need for Your Job

Nissan e-NV200 Instrument Panel
With just a glance at your instrument panel, you have all the info you need to manage your range, including charge status and energy usage.


CARWINGS advanced telematics system puts your business miles ahead by letting you digitally track and exchange important fleet data.

  • Eliminate tedious paperwork by digitally tracking and logging driver reports.
  • Monitor battery status and real-time vehicle location from the CARWINGS site.
  • Detect exceeded pre-set speed and monitor driving behaviour via smartphone.
  • Receive alerts for charge completion and battery status.
  • Remotely start and stop charging and climate control from a mobile device.

A Mobile office that Works Anywhere You Go

e-NV200 offers an unexpected level of equipment. Its interior is inspired by drivers who need to get work done on the go. The cockpit doubles-up as an easy-touse work space, with large-range adjustable seating and versatile storage. And with CARWINGS or NissanConnect featuring navigation, hands-free calling, text messaging, and Bluetooth streaming audio, who needs any other office?

Nissan e-NV200 Interior

Cargo Capacity Meets Versatility

e-NV200 is designed to meet a variety of needs. Choose from 2 models, both with versatile interiors that allow you to configure racks, bins and seating to custom-fit your services. You can even choose between French doors with panels or windows. Plus, it’s easy to load, thanks to an exceptionally low 520 mm rear load height.

e-NV200 Combi

The Combi can comfortably seat up to 5, 6 or 7 people with ample room remaining for their luggage. Dual sliding doors and a rear hatch allow easy entry/exit and loading. Rear French doors option is also available.

  • Even with 5 people on board, e-NV200 Combi can still take a large suitcase for each of them.
  • Flat wheel wells make for easier cargo stacking.
  • 6 floor-mounted D-ring tie-downs are rated to 509 kg.

e-NV200 Cargo

For maximum cargo space, e-NV200 gets you best-in-class cargo volume. Rear split 60/40 doors make it easy to load and unload.

  • Best in class 4.2 m3 cargo capacity / 3474 Litres / 703 kg payload.
  • Room for two standard Euro pallets fit with room to spare.
  • 1.22 m between wheel arches, 1.50 m wall-to-wall and 1.36 m stand-up room.

e-NV200 360° View

Left Right
Model shown is for illustrative purpose only