Smiths Nissan EV Hub - Electric Vehicles in Peterborough Join the electric revolution, and start driving the car of the future, today. Nissan’s pioneering range of 100% electric cars offers top class performance and cutting edge technology, allowing you to enjoy the ride, whilst producing zero emissions.

Is an Electric Vehicle Right For You?

If you answer yes to both the questions below, a 100% electric vehicle could be right for you:

  • Do you travel less than 100 miles per day? 95% of all car journeys made in 2012 were less than 25 miles, while the average daily distance travelled by car was 22.5 miles [SOURCE: The National Travel Survey 2012]. An electric vehicle could make up to 5 of these trips without needing to be recharged.
  • Do you have off-road parking at home? This will allow the installation of an electric car charging point so you can re-charge your vehicle at home.

The Benefits of Going Electric

Lower Running Costs

Lower Fuel Costs

An electric vehicle costs between £2 and £3 to cover 100 miles. A typical petrol or diesel car costs between £12 and £18 to cover the same distance.

For example, If your current car does 40mpg and you drive 10,000 miles per year you could save £1,359 a year on fuel costs by switching to an electric vehicle.

Less Company Car Tax

If you are a company car driver the current BIK payable on an electric car is just 7% - significanly less than that of a petrol or diesel car. By going electric you could taking home more money each month in your pay packet!

Reduced Servicing Costs

Servicing costs over the lifetime of an electric vehicle should be lower than those of a petrol or diesel car. This is because their are fewer moving parts within an electric motor compared to an internal combustion engine meaning there is less to wear out. There is also no oil or filter to change.

Reduced Emissions

Lower CO2 Emissions

An electric vehicle will produce signifiantly less CO2 than the equivilent petrol or diesel vehicle.

For example, using the UK's current electricity generation mix, a Nissan LEAF will produce the equivalent of 63g/km of CO2. A Nissan Qasqai 1.5 dCi, by comparison, produces 99g/km or CO2. However, in order to make this a like-for-like comparison, the CO2 emissions of diesel production should be taken into account, which would dramatically increase this figure.

Furthermore, the level of CO2 production for an electric vehicle can be reduced by switching to a sustainable energy electricity tariff or by installing solar panels at your home or workplace.

No Local Pollutants

Electric vehicles produce no localised pollution such as particulates and Nitrogen Dioxide. Both of these forms of pollution can result in breathing difficulties and even cancer.

Better to Drive & Own

Smooth and Instantaneous Power

100% of an electric vehicle’s torque – the force that powers acceleration – is available immediately, resulting in fast and smooth acceleration from rest. The Nissan LEAF has a top speed of 93mph so you can easily keep up with traffic.

Make Smooth, Quiet Progress

With no gears or clutch, electric vehicles are supremely relaxing to drive - especially around town. Plus, electric vehicles are very quiet. For example, at just 21 decibels the Nissan LEAF is quieter than a ceiling fan (24dB).

Even More Convenient

Do you hate filling your car with fuel? Making a special trip to stand on a windy petrol station forecourt, breathing in petrol and diesel fumes and getting your hands covered in fuel - thanks to the careless person who used the pump before you - is no-one's idea of a good time. With an electric vehicle this is a thing of th past. Simply recharge your vehicle at the places you go to anyway; at work, home or the shops while you get on with your day.

Costs to travel 100 miles taken from The Energy Saving Trust - costs will vary depending on current electricty prices and the tariff you are on as well a the current petrol/diesel price. Cost savings based on 10,000 miles per year at 40mpg taking from the Nissan GB online Nissan LEAF fuel savings calculator. BiK rates taken from HMRC. Nissan LEAF equivalent CO2 emissions calculated in the following way: UK power generation currently produces 523g of CO2 per kilowatt hour (kWh) [SOURCE:]. Nissan LEAF has a 24kWh battery meaning that 12,552g of CO2 are produced to charge the battery from 0% to 100%. The NEDC range of a Nissan LEAF is 199.5km, therefore 12,552g CO2 divided by 199.5km gives you 63g/km. Local pollutants information taken from The Green Car Guide.

Why Choose A Nissan Electric Vehicle

As well as the benefits of going electric which apply to all electric vehicles, we are able to offer you additional benefits when you choose an electric vehicle from Nissan.

4-DAY TEST DRIVE - Get peace of mind before making your decision to purchase by taking a 4-day test drive to see how an electric vehicle fits with your lifestyle and driving needs. (Terms and conditions apply)
FREE RAPID CHARGING - Rapid charging of your electric vehicle is available free of charge at participating Nissan dealers across the UK.
USE OF A PETROL OR DIESEL CAR - We will lend you a petrol or diesel car, free of charge, for up to 14 days during the first three years of ownership. All you pay is the insurance. (Subject to availability, terms and conditons apply)
WE ARE HERE FOR YOU - If you encounter any kind of problem or issue relating to your electric vehicle we promise to propose a resolution with two working days.
BATTERY QUALITY GUARANTEE - For the duration of the battery’s warranty Nissan will replace any part of the battery causing capacity loss below 9 bars (out of 12) giving you additional peace of mind.
CONTINUOUS EV ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE - Every time you have your electric vehicle serviced by us we will provide you with an additional years EV roadside assistance absolutely free of charge, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

Government Electric Vehicle Grants

The UK Government currently offers two grant schemes to help buyers of electric vehicles with the purchase and set-up costs: The Plug-in Car Grant is a grant offered towards the purchase price of a new electric vehicle, while the EV Homecharge Scheme offers a grant towards the installation of a charging point at home.

Plug-in Car Grant

The Plug-in Car Grant offers purchasers of a new, fully electric vehicle with a value of less than £60,000 (all Nissan EVs fall into this category) a grant of 35% off the cost of a car or 20% off the cost of a van (up to a maximum of £3,500).

The ‘cost’ is the full purchase price you pay for the basic vehicle - including number plates, vehicle excise duty and VAT. It doesn’t include delivery charges, the first registration fee or any optional extras.

EV Homecharge Scheme

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme offers grants of £500 to be used towards the cost of installing an electric vehicle charging point at home.

There are number of conditions relating to type of vehicle, ownership of the vehicle and property type where the charging will be installed. Our electric vehicle specialists will discuss with you whether you are eligible for this grant.

You might be worried that a large amount of paperwork and form filling will be involved in claiming the grants from the Government. Don't worry, our electric vehicle specialists will guide you through the process and, in most instances, complete the paperwork on your behalf.

Living with an Electric Vehicle

Nissan Electric Vehicles

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