Vauxhall GTC - Free Your Spirit

GTC. The designer’s dream made reality. Effortlessly sporty, positively engaging and brilliantly in tune with your driving emotions, GTC takes Vauxhall’s dynamic performance mindset to the limit, with striking details and an unashamedly full-on attitude. GTC: never have three small letters promised so much excitement.

Exterior Styling - Unleash Your Passion

Whichever way you look at it, the GTC oozes excitement. Those ground-hugging lines and powerfully sculpted alloys provide a clear pointer to the car’s innate sporting potential – a potential borne out by driver-focused dynamics and a precision sports chassis.

Vauxhall GTC Front
Vauxhall GTC Rear

Interior Styling - Engergies Your Senses

The GTC’s pure and overtly sporting exterior receives a powerful echo throughout the interior’s strong lines, with defined textures, unique GTC sports detailing and unashamedly proud contours. Premium quality design cues combine with advanced features to create a sporty yet spacious driving environment guaranteed to invigorate your whole driving experience.

Vauxhall GTC Interior
Vauxhall GTC Seats

Driving Experience - Sharpen Your Responses

GTC: beautifully balanced, above and below the skin. With a bespoke sports chassis, specifically tuned to the demands of UK roads. Featuring HiPerStrut (High Performance Strut) front suspension and Watt’s link rear set-up. The HiPerStrut system improves grip and allows more power to be applied during cornering, significantly reducing torque steer; the Watt’s link reduces lateral movement at high speed for a smooth and stable ride. Optional FlexRide adds even greater precision to the GTC driving experience. Just the mere touch of a button changes the whole driving dynamic to taut sporting excitement or relaxed long distance cruising.

Exploit Your Agility

Poised, engaging and precise, the GTC chassis establishes the agile, spirited feel that characterises the car as a whole. Better still, the suspension has been carefully tuned to suit the specific demands of UK road surfaces, using specialist input from renowned chassis experts.

Vauxhall GTC Suspension
Class-leading Sports Suspension - Front-wheel drive cars with powerful engines place excessive demands on conventional McPherson strut front suspension systems. Under heavy acceleration – especially in tight bends – front traction is compromised, resulting in torque steer which can affect the car’s stability. The compact HiPerStrut (High Performance Strut) system – already seen in Insignia VXR – isolates the steering from the effects of engine torque, boosting steering precision and grip. It also improves handling and enhances ride quality. The compact Watt’s link rear suspension delivers the stability benefits of multi-link systems without their weight and space penalties.
Vauxhall GTC Sport Button
Optional FlexRide Chassis Settings - With a mere touch of a button, this optional feature allows you to change the GTC’s whole driving dynamics – from ‘Sport’ to ‘Tour’ and back again. Using Continuous Damping Control technology, FlexRide automatically adjusts the dampers for excellent grip. In ‘Tour’ mode, it chooses the best settings for gentler straight-line driving. Switch to ‘Sport’ mode and it instantly sharpens the response of the speed-sensitive steering, accelerator and automatic transmission (if fitted). It also changes the colour of the ambient instrument lighting – from a cool white to a more dynamic red effect.

Fulfil Your Potential

Visually, GTC takes your breath away. Performance-wise, it carries your strongest emotions in its wake. The potential is limitless. GTC drivers can now choose from five powerful yet efficient turbocharged engines – each matched to a slick six-speed transmission or – on selected power units – a six-speed automatic.

Petrol engine choices include an all Euro 6 compliant line-up – a free-revving 120PS or 140PS 1.4i Turbo and a new 1.6i Turbo Start/Stop, producing an uncompromising 200PS. Also new to the range are two ‘Whisper diesels’ – a 1.6CDTi ecoFLEX common rail unit developing 110PS or 136PS and with emissions as low as 111g/km.


Intelligent Lighting for Every Environment

The GTC features an enhanced, fourth generation of the Adaptive Forward Lighting System. The AFL headlights change their pattern to suit the location and the weather. Sensing where you need the light most, they can even see round corners. And if something is coming the other way, they dip automatically.

Static Cornering Light. Throws light 90 degrees left or right for enhanced lateral vision (up to 25mph, also when reversing).
Dynamic Curve Light - Activated by steering angle and speed, the headlights swivel up to 15 degrees into the curve (any speed).
High Beam with Assist - Automatically switches from high to low beam as it detects oncoming or proceeding vehicles (over 25mph).
Adverse Weather Light - Wiper or rain sensor activated for better vision in bad weather conditions (up to 45mph).
Motorway Light - 140 metre range, higher and brighter than normal low beam, without dazzle (over 60mph).
Country Road Light - Wider spread and brighter light than normal low beam. 70 metre range without dazzle (35-70mph).
Town light - Wider and lower spread of light. Activated by vehicle speed together with street lighting (20-35mph).
Pedestrian Area Light - Wider spread of light (an extra eight degrees left and right) illuminates potential hazards (up to 20mph).

Safeguard Your Interests

GTC is a showcase for Vauxhall’s hightech safety features, with active and passive technology delivering invaluable peace-of-mind.

Vauxhall GTC Safety Cell
Active-safety front seat head restraints. Minimise the risk of whiplash injury and guard against other head and upper body injuries.
Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR). Utilising the front camera function, this clever system makes sure you’re constantly made aware of speed limits, even when temporary signs are put up. TSR continually monitors road signs, and gives you a warning if you unintentionally stray over the limit. It can even read and display motorway electronic signs related to speed limits like rain or snow warnings.
Lane Departure Warning (LDW). LDW uses the front camera system to recognise lane marking lines, and emits an audible warning if your vehicle leaves its lane unintentionally (i.e. without you signalling), preventing potential accidents and reminding you of inattention or tiredness. The LDW system can be deactivated via a facia switch.
Forward Collision Alert (FCA). Available as part of the Driving Assistance Pack, FCA constantly shows the distance to the leading vehicle in the instrument panel, helping you to maintain a safe distance. In addition, FCA – active when the car is moving faster than 20mph – gives visual and audible warnings if you approach a slower-moving vehicle too fast.
Side Blind Spot Alert. Available as part of the optional Perimeter Protection Pack, this ultrasonic-based system helps prevent a potential collision with a vehicle in the neighbouring lane by continuously screening the blind spots on both sides of the car and provides a visible warning if the indicator is set to change to a lane where another car is detected.
Tyre pressure monitoring system. Monitors the tyre pressure via sensors on the inner sides of the valves and activates a warning display if there is a loss of pressure.

Versatility - Manage Your Space

GTC combines stylish coupé character with genuine hatchback versatility. Comfortably seating up to five people – extremely comfortably if you specify the luxurious leather option – the GTC is a surprisingly practical car for everyday use, with a generous 380 litres of luggage space to boot.

Vauxhall GTC Interior Cut Away
Generous storage features. Stowage facilities are abundant, including a driver's storage compartment situated under the main lighting control, roomy front door pockets, storage pockets on the front seat backs and an illuminated glovebox.
Generous storage features. Stowage facilities are abundant, including a driver’s storage compartment (illustrated) situated under the main lighting control, roomy front door pockets, storage pockets on the front seat backs and an illuminated glovebox.
Generous storage features. Stowage facilities are abundant, including a driver’s storage compartment (illustrated) situated under the main lighting control, roomy front door pockets, storage pockets on the front seat backs and an illuminated glovebox.
Versatile centre console. Providing practicality at your fingertips, both GTC models feature a centre console unit complete with storage area and 12-volt auxiliary power socket. Models fitted with the optional (at extra cost) electric parking brake boast an additional central storage facility with twin covered drinks holders.

Infotainment - Improve Your Drivetime

Keep in touch, entertained and ahead of the queues with the latest premium GTC in-car communication systems featuring digital radio, USB and Bluetooth® connectivity and aux-in socket all as standard.

CD 600 IntelliLink - Standard on SRi models, the CD 600 IntelliLink system raises the bar for in-car entertainment units in this class. Highlights include seamlessly integrating your smartphone with IntelliLink technology and displaying the most important functions on the high-definition seven-inch screen, a CD/MP3 CD player, digital radio, AM/FM stereo radio with 36 station presets, USB connection and aux-in socket, six premium speakers and a seven-band graphic equaliser. You can make calls and stream audio using Bluetooth® and even features voice commands for phone calls. Excellent sound quality is assured from a Digital Sound Processor and a 4 x 20 watts output. The digital radio also means digital quality sound, a broader range of stations, easier to find by name and improved track display info on some stations.
Navi 650 satellite navigation system. Featuring the very latest in sat nav with seven-inch colour screen. It gives you fast access to map data and points of interest to keep you informed and on the move. Standard on Limited Edition models and optional at extra cost on SRi models.
Navi 950 IntelliLink. Upgrade to this navigation system and you’ll also be able make calls and stream audio from your smartphone, tablet or other portable device using Bluetooth®. It even features voice commands for navigation and phone calls. So you stay connected for every minute of your journey. Optional at extra cost.
Infinity® Premium Sound System.** The ultimate in GTC audio performance, with 7 x 45 watts (315 watts total), seven premium speakers and an eight-inch subwoofer. The Infinity system digitises the audio signal so it can be fine tuned with Digital Sound Processing for accurate sound response. For you, the difference is better all-round sound production under all driving conditions.

GTC 360° View

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