Vauxhall Cascada - Summer is a State of Mind

Whatever the summer brings, you’ll be ready to make the most of it with the Cascada. With its streamlined profile and bold stance, the Cascada is that rare thing: a full-size, four-seat convertible that looks just as stylish with the roof up or down. Inside the quality of the craftsmanship is clear. Everything from the materials to the choice of technology has been hand-picked.

When the sun shines so does the Cascada, its high quality fabric roof opens in only 17 seconds. And when the outlook turns the warmth and protection of the dual-layered roof can be experienced in just 19 seconds.

The Golden Age of Motoring has Returned

Vauxhall 30-98
100 years ago, during the golden age of the Grandes Routieres the Vauxhall 30-98 was known as ‘the finest of sporting cars’. Not just for the brute force of its engine, but for the excellence of its engineering and the elegance of its styling.
Vauxhall Cascada
A century after the 30-98 appeared, Vauxhall have returned to that classic territory with our first full-size convertible since the 1930s. The Cascada has inherited the elegance of its open top predecessors, while modern design has provided it with the rigidity and driveability of a hard top. So you can appreciate an inspiring driving experience, rain or shine.

Design that Inspires

Purposeful and inviting, the Cascada’s unmistakable profile is desirable from every angle. Whether it’s out on the road or parked on your driveway, the elegant lines, sculpted body and familiar ‘blade’ styling give the Cascada its striking, expressive look – one that you won’t forget any time soon.

Open Up to a New Way of Thinking

When your convertible has the right kind of roof, there’s no need to keep one eye on the weather forecast. On the most inclement of days the Cascada’s duallayered Black fabric roof will keep you warm and dry. It takes just 17 seconds to open and 19 seconds to close. You can even operate it on the move – at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. Top up or top down you’re free to enjoy all weather knowing that when the sunshine makes a comeback, the convertible experience is only moments away.


You can also choose an optional triple-layered acoustic fabric roof in Black or Malbec. With its multiple layers it won’t just keep you warm it also provides additional soundproofing making motorway cruising as enjoyable as an open-top drive through the country.

Style with Purpose

Developed with comfort and practicality in mind, the Cascada’s interior is stylish and well-equipped. Soft-touch Morrocana dashboard, colour-contrasted seat piping and tailored stitching add a touch of luxury and panache. And technology plays its part too. Electronic front seatbelt presenters, standard on Elite models, automatically push the belts forward so you don’t have to turn around. It’s just another thoughtful touch that makes the Cascada ideal for everyday driving.

A Car Without Compromise

Don’t let the Cascada’s looks distract you from what really matters. This four-seat convertible is a real driver’s car. Choose turbo power from multi-valve petrol or diesel engines with up to 200PS available from the 1.6i Direct Injection petrol unit. And thanks to its outstandingly rigid sports chassis and HiPerStrut front suspension, the soft top doesn’t cost you an ounce of dynamism or driveability.

The Cascada has been engineered to combine the broad stance and elegant lines of a luxury cabriolet with the cornering, control and responsiveness of a hard top. Plus the optional FlexRide system will deliver an even sharper response and greater precision during cornering and provide you with a more relaxed ride for long-distance cruising. So you can enjoy an exciting driving experience, rain or shine.

Safety First. Second. And Third

Safety is a number one priority in every car, which is why every Cascada benefits from a reassuring array of safety technology. Front and side airbags, reinforced steel windscreen pillars and the pop-up roll-over bar system are designed to help keep you safe should the unthinkable happen.

Reinforced chassis and safety cage

A substantially reinforced chassis improves stability, while reinforced tubular-steel pillars give the front section extra rigidity. Combined with the Cascada’s high-strength, steel passenger safety cell, these features enhance the overall safety of the car and improve steering response.

Comprehensive roll-over protection

One of the most important safety features in the Cascada is one you’re extremely unlikely to ever see: the steel roll-over bars and safety cage behind the rear seats. If the car should roll over, the bars react instantaneously, accelerating upwards to help protect you and your passengers from the impact.

Active-safety front seat head restraints

In addition to the roll-over bars, the Cascada also comes with active head restraints that automatically move forward and upwards to help minimise the risk of whiplash injury and guard against other head and upper body injuries.

Headlights with Foresight

The Cascada can be equipped with the very latest Bi-Xenon Adaptive Forward Lighting Plus (AFL+) headlight system as an option. This uses a front-mounted camera, rain sensor and steering angle input to improve visibility and safety by automatically adjusting the strength of your headlights to suit different speeds, manoeuvres, weather conditions and traffic situations.

LED Daytime Running Lights - Part of the optional Premium Forward Lighting Pack, the intelligent AFL+ headlight system comes with energy-efficient LEDs that make your car more visible to other road users.
Pedestrian area light. Illuminates potential hazards with a wider spread of light – an extra eight degrees left and right (up to 20mph).
Town light. Spreads the beam of light wider and lower. Activated by vehicle speed together with street lighting (20-35mph).
Country road light. Wider spread and brighter light than normal low beam. 70-metre range, without dazzle (35-70mph).
Motorway light. 140-metre range, higher and brighter than normal low beam, without dazzle (over 60mph).
Adverse weather light. Wiper or rain sensor activated for better vision in bad weather conditions (up to 45mph).
High beam assist. Automatically switches from high to low beam as it detects vehicles ahead or oncoming. In addition, high beam boosts the range and brightness of your headlights by up to 15% (over 25mph).
Dynamic curve light. Activated by steering angle and speed, the headlights swivel up to 15 degrees into the bend (any speed).
Static cornering light. Spreads light 90 degrees to the left or right to help you see better around corners (up to 25mph, also when reversing).

Nothing Left to Chance

By introducing a range of state-of-the-art electronic driver aids we’ve made driving the Cascada easier and safer. The innovative front camera system reads the road and informs you about what’s ahead.

Traffic Sign Recognition. This clever feature makes sure you’re constantly made aware of speed limits, even temporary ones. It continually monitors road signs, and gives you a warning if you unintentionally stray over the limit. It can even read and display motorway electronic signs related to speed limits like rain or snow warnings.
Lane Departure Warning. This system uses the front camera system to recognise lane marking lines. If the vehicle leaves its lane without you signalling, an audible warning sound is given. This helps prevent potential accidents and makes you aware of your concentration levels or tiredness.
Following Distance Indication (FDI) and Forward Collision Alert (FCA). FDI constantly shows the distance 1 2 3 4 to the leading vehicle on the instrument panel, helping you to maintain a safe distance. In addition, FCA (active at speeds above 25mph) warns you visually and audibly if you approach a slower-moving vehicle too quickly. It will then use Automatic Brake Intervention technology to apply the brakes, slowing the car to as little as 10mph if required. All three of these features are available as part of the Driver Assistance Pack, optional at extra cost.
Side Blind Spot Alert. The system helps prevent a potential collision with a vehicle in the lane either side of the car by continuously monitoring both blind spots. If a vehicle enters one of those blind spots, a warning light flashes in the relevant door mirror. Available as part of the optional Perimeter Protection Pack.

Improve Your Drivetime

Roof up or roof down, an audio system with seven premium speakers and digital radio fills the Cascada with sound. And with USB connectivity and Bluetooth® together with the availability of satellite navigation systems you’re guaranteed to be kept informed and up to date while on the move.

CD 600 IntelliLink. Standard on both models, the CD 600 IntelliLink system features digital radio with 20 watts per channel output and seven speakers. By seamlessly integrating your smartphone with IntelliLink technology and displaying the most important functions on the high-definition 7-inch colour display, the audio unit sets new standards for comfort, connectivity and safety. Make calls, audiostream your music via Bluetooth® or with Gracenote® file management via USB, listen to incoming SMS or view pictures uploaded via USB – your hands always stay on the steering wheel with integrated controls.
Navi 650 satellite navigation system. Featuring the very latest in satellite navigation with 7-inch colour screen. This optional system gives you fast access to map data and points of interest to keep you informed and on the move and can even show you the fastest, shortest or the most economical route. Covering all major link roads and streets in towns and cities across mainland Britain and Ireland.
Navi 950 IntelliLink. Upgrade to this optional system and you’ll not only get street level mapping across Europe, you’ll be able to make calls and stream audio from your smartphone, tablet or other portable device using Bluetooth®. It features voice commands for navigation and phone calls. It can also display your texts or even read out incoming messages. So you stay connected every minute of your journey.
Steering wheel mounted audio controls. Control all the in-car infotainment systems and keep your hands where you need them. These controls let you adjust the volume and skip tracks and radio stations.

Practical Features. Modern Solutions

The Cascada is a four-seater that is available with a whole range of practical features that you wouldn’t expect to find in a convertible.

Rear view camera. This option makes reversing easy, even with the roof up. A high-res display shows the area behind the car and you quickly appreciate just how easy it is to reverse the car safely.
Electric rear seat easy entry system. This practical feature automatically moves the front seat forward so that passengers can access the rear seats. Available as part of the Power Seat Pack on Elite models.
Electronic front seatbelt presenters. No detail is too small. That’s why every Elite model is fitted with electronic front seatbelt presenters as standard. These motorised arms automatically move the seat belt forward to meet your hand, so you don’t have to twist round in your seat.
FlexFold automatic rear seat folding system. You’ll find the 380 litre capacity boot more than useful. FlexFold transforms the Cascada into a two-seater that can take up to 750 litres of luggage, including items up to 1.8 metres long. Fold one or both of the 50/50 split rear seatbacks flat with the touch of a switch.

Cascada 360° View

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