Nissan X-Trail

Exterior Design

What if following the map isn't your style? You’d need a vehicle that’s as open to adventure as you are. With the capability to take you where you want to go, and the comfort and technology to make the trip back just as much fun. So load up and let’s go. We’re ready. The Nissan X-Trail.

Nissan X-Trail Exterior
Nissan X-Trail Exterior
Nissan X-Trail Exterior
Nissan X-Trail Exterior
Nissan X-Trail Exterior

Interior Design

Sit back and enjoy tasteful touches like a Power Opening Panoramic Roof, double stitched leather interior, LED interior lighting and gloss black trim with metallic accents. All to create a stunning view – wherever you look.

Nissan X-Trail Interior
Nissan X-Trail Interior

Interior Space & Storage

Whether you are transporting people or cargo the Nissan X-Trail has the space to take almost anything a family can throw at it.

X-Trail Rear Seats
A SMARTER 2ND ROW. This 2nd row is truly first class, thanks to X-Trail's flexible seating system. The 60/40 split seat slides forward for easy access and adjusts to give you a little more cargo space, more leg room or anywhere in between. The seats also recline, when it’s time to just relax.
X-Trail 3rd Row Seats
OPTIONAL 3RD ROW. X-Trail's 50/50 split folding 3rd-row seat gives you added flexibility carrying 2 extra passengers and their gear, or folds down to make a flat cargo floor for maximum carrying space.
X-Trail electric tailgate
POWER TAILGATE AND REAR 77º WIDE OPENING DOORS. X-Trail gives you easy access with rear doors that swing out nearly 80º, and a power tailgate that opens by a tap of a button on the boot, your Nissan Intelligent Key or a switch mounted by the driver.

With room for an object around 2.6 metres long, X-Trail gives you possibilities you never knew you had. And with a clever 60/40 folding seat, there’s plenty of room to bring friends along, too.

Nissan X-Trail Boot
Nissan X-Trail Boot
Nissan X-Trail Boot
Nissan X-Trail Boot
Nissan X-Trail Boot

Nissan X-Trail comes equipped with an innovative Luggage Board System which enables you to adjust shelves and dividers to give you a variety of configurations, including the following:

  • A long, flat floor with under-floor storage for those big items and the ones you want to hide.
  • Lower your floor for added heightto fit those tall items.
  • Create a hidden compartment that keeps valuables out of sight, with a handy shelf on top.
  • Make an open space for storage underneath, and a handy shelf to keep other items separate and within easy reach.

Technology & Performance

Breathtaking from Top to Bottom

Nissan X-Trail Seats
Comfortable zero-gravity inspired seats with spinal support – With your comfort in mind, Nissan engineers have designed an articulated driver's seat that supports you from the pelvis to the chest, along with seat cushions that flex in response to your unique pressure points.
Nissan X-Trail Sunroof
Power Opening Panoramic Roof – Enjoy a panoramic view from the Nissan X-Trail's Power Opening Panoramic Roof, that stretches the length of the vehicle.
Nissan X-Trail Cup Holders
Heated and Cooled Cupholders - Help to keep your drinks at a temperature you prefer.
Nissan X-Trail Heated Seats
Quick Heated Front Seats – Specifi cally target key areas of the body to heat them in sequence, ensuring you warm up as quickly as possible.

Get a Little Dirty - With a Clean Conscience

What if you got excellent fuel economy in a roomy SUV that’s lots of fun to drive? With X-Trail, we got there by developing everything from exterior aerodynamics that whisper through the wind, to advanced engines and a virtually gearless Xtronic transmission that maximises efficiency and performance.

POWER TO GO. Powering the Nissan X-Trail is an advanced dCi 130 engine, tuned to provide the performance of larger diesel powerplants, while offering enhanced fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. X-Trail’s all new DIG-T 163 four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine is not only one of the most advanced and fuel-efficient petrol engines on the market, it also offers a sharp performance that can sprint from 0-62mph in 9.7 seconds with top speed of 124mph. Both engines also feature Nissan’s automatic Stop/Start, which shuts down the engine when it’s not needed – at traffic lights, for example – to save fuel, then smoothly and quickly restarts as you pull away.

XTRONIC. In the newest version of our Xtronic, friction is reduced by up to 40% and the ratio coverage is increased to greater than that of some 8-speed automatics. A new Eco mode improves fuel economy at the touch of a button. All this, and performance so smooth, it’s like riding a continuous wave of power.

What if Your Car Knew When You Were Cornering?

And how to react to your commands? That’s the kind of intuitive response we’ve engineered into every X-Trail, so you can enter any situation with more confidence.

ACTIVE ENGINE BRAKE. Whether you’re slowing for a corner or coming to a stop, this system uses the Xtronic transmission to apply engine braking – much like shifting to a lower gear in traditional transmissions – to help give smoother deceleration and a more confi dent feel when braking.

ACTIVE TRACE CONTROL. This innovative technology helps improve control when you take a corner. It reads the cornering situation and, if needed, can brake each wheel individually to help you steer through the turn with confidence.

ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL. X-Trail can automatically apply braking and adjust engine torque after you hit a bump to smooth out your ride.

HILL START ASSIST. Helps prevent rollback when starting and driving away on an incline.

Intuitive 4WD

With X-Trail's optional All-Mode 4x4-i, you’ve got a system that’s capable on-road and off. You can choose full-time 2WD for maximum efficiency. Auto Mode constantly monitors conditions and adjusts the balance of power between front and rear wheels for best traction. Challenging conditions? 4WD Lock Mode is your choice.

Nissan X-Trail 4x4

Nissan Advanced Drive-Assist Display

With so much going on around you, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important: driving. From turn-by-turn directions to caller ID, the Advanced Drive-Assist Display serves up information conveniently within your eye line, helping to minimise time looking away.


SMART AND FUNCTIONAL. NissanConnect is incredibly easy to use thanks to the high resolution 7" anti-glare touchscreen. It comes equipped with a rich range of features including audio, navigation and communication functions as well as cutting edge connectivity and smartphone integration features.

CONNECTED WHEREVER YOU GO. NissanConnect offers Smartphone integration. Enjoy an ever evolving list of applications* from the comfort of your Nissan’s display screen, all tailored to enhance your overall driving experience in a safe way.

INTELLIGENT DRIVER ASSISTANCE and navigation functions support you in all kinds of traffic situations with motorway exit views, lane guidance and dynamic re-routing.

STREAMING AUDIO VIA BLUETOOTH®. Enjoy digital radio, Over The Air internet radio, or stream music from your mobile phone.

iPOD/ USB INPUT. Plug in your iPod or MP3 player to access your entire music library while you’re on the road.

*Driving is a serious business. Only use NissanConnect services when safe to do so. Some applications shown are not yet available and more will be available at a later date. NissanConnect service subscription required but is available on a complimentary basis for 2 years from purchase . Service and applications only available in select European countries and on select Nissan models. Services and applications may be provided by third parties outside Nissan’s control and are subject to change without notice or liability to Nissan or its agents (including, without limitation, services cancelled/suspended by third parties.) Certain remote functions require compatible phone or device, not included with vehicle. Cellular networks are provided by cellular companies, and are not within Nissan’s control. Cellular networks not available in all areas. Roaming charges and/or data usage charges may apply. Nissan is not responsible for any equipment replacement or upgrades or associated costs that may be required for continued operation due to service changes.

Parking Made Easy

AROUND VIEW MONITOR - What if parallel parking was easier? A rear view is great when backing up – but when it comes to parking, it’s nice to see more than just what’s behind you. That’s why X-Trail offers an Around View Monitor. Four cameras give you a virtual 360º bird’s-eye view of your vehicle, with selectable split-screen close-ups of the front, rear, and kerb-side views, so you can get a better look. And since all obstacles aren’t stationary, Moving Object Detection keeps an eye around your X-Trail and can warn you about moving objects detected in your vicinity.

INTELLIGENT PARK ASSIST - Parking the All New Nissan X-Trail is as easy as driving it: Intelligent Park Assist measures the available space to make sure there’s enough room. What’s more, in Auto Mode, X-Trail does the steering manoeuvres for you to slide effortlessly into place.

  • Parallel Parking - On-screen controls let you tell the system how you want to park.
  • Bay Parking - For other parking situations, on-screen controls help you choose your desired space, and then steer you in.

Nissan Safety Shield

Keeping an eye out. Smart technologies help monitor your vehicle’s systems and surroundings. Like a warning when you’re straying from your lane, or a system that helps ensure you’re travelling on correctly infl ated tyres.

FORWARD EMERGENCY BRAKING. Depending on speed and situation, Nissan’s Forward Emergency Braking system may, in certain circumstances reduce the impact of a collision by automatically activating the brakes if you get too close to the vehicle in front of you.

BLIND SPOT WARNING. If another vehicle is detected in your blind spot area, a warning light appears in the driver’s or front passenger’s doors and on the Advanced Drive-Assist Display. Put your indicator on, and the warning light will flash and you'll also hear an audible alert.

LANE DEPARTURE WARNING. If X-Trail detects that you’re straying from your lane, the Lane Departure Warning system will give both a visual and audible alert. The system is so smart, its designed to stop the warning when your indicator is on.

MOVING OBJECT DETECTION. When the Around View Monitor is in use and detects something moving by the vehicle, it gives a visual and audible alert.

X-Trail 360° View

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