Nissan Qashqai

Exterior Design

IT SPEARHEADED A REVOLUTION and now it’s back with a defi ant new design, advanced intuitive technology, state-of-the-art connected services and dynamic ride and handling putting the driver in total control. Experience the intensity of the Nissan Qashqai, the ultimate urban crossover.

Nissan Qashqai Exterior
Nissan Qashqai Exterior
Nissan Qashqai Exterior
Nissan Qashqai Exterior
Nissan Qashqai Exterior
Nissan Qashqai Exterior
Nissan Qashqai Exterior

IT’S BOLD, ATHLETIC AND COMMANDING ALL ROUND. It’s the new urban triathlete, the most innovative Qashqai yet. Razor sharp and more predatory with a proudly provocative profile, the original crossover is back like never before.

Interior Design

THE GRAPHITE INTERIOR holds you with its spinal support seats, cushioned kneepads and ambient lighting. This is an engaging environment you’ll never want to leave.

Nissan Qashqai Interior
Nissan Qashqai Interior
Nissan Qashqai Interior
Nissan Qashqai Interior

ZERO GRAVITY SEATING - Zero Gravity seats support you from the pelvis to the chest, along with seat cushions that flex in response to your unique presssure pointes. The resulting comfort helps reduce fatigue, even on the longest journey.

​Versatile Storage

Nissan Qashqai Boot Space
Nissan Qashqai Boot Space
Nissan Qashqai Boot Space

FLAT FLOOR - When the rear seats are folded, Nissan Qashqai offers a flat luggage floor making it easy to load and unload long items as well as under-floor storage to keep valuables out of sight.

HAVE IT YOUR WAY. With the seats upright, you can flip up the luggage board system for up to 16 luggage combinations! You can even store the parcel shelf under the boot floor. Nissan Qashqai's innovative luggage storage provides versatile solutions to transporting anything and everything.

KEEP IT AT YOUR FINGER TIPS. Nissan Qashqai's new centre console design offers smart storage to keep all of your everyday items close at hand.

Technology & Performance

Take Control - Face the Future

WITH A COMMANDING POSITION AT THE HELM, take everything in, including the 5" colour TFT screen delivering all your infographics in real time. Intuitive and accessible: make it your own.

Nissan Qashqai TFT Screen
  • CALLER ID - Check your calls while keeping your eyes on the road.
  • AUDIO - Get full details on your favourite artists and music you enjoy while in motion.
  • SAFETY SHIELD - Visual and audible warning signals are aimed at keeping you safe.
  • COLOUR SELECTION - Customise your screen to your preferences.
  • TURN BY TURN NAVIGATION - Never miss a turn thanks to rapid access to essential navigation info.
  • STEERING FEEL - Select sport or normal settings to change the steering weight.
  • TYRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM - No more guesswork: Each tyre pressure is displayed on your information screen, and a signal will light up on the dash if the tyre pressure is low.
  • PARKING DISPLAY SENSORS. Watch while Nissan Qashqai effortlessly delivers aprecise parking display.

Nissan Safety Shield

The Nissan Safety Shield technologies are a comprehensive approach to safety that guides the engineering and development of every vehicle we make. Using cameras and sensors, the Nissan Qashqai delivers a combination of different safety systems which work together to build your confidence. These safety features help to protect you by focusing on three key ares:

  • keeping an eye on your vehicle's systems and your surroundings.
  • assisting in handling unexpected situations.
  • helping to keep you safe in the unfortunate event of an accident
HIGH BEAM ASSIST - This system maximises your visibility by activating your high beams and temporarily dipping the lights when it recognises oncoming or distant traffic. With the full LED headlamps, Nissan Qashqai offers a wider and more illuminating driving experience.
Traffic Sign Recognition
TRAFFIC SIGN RECOGNITION - The system keeps you up to date with all the latest speed limits by detecting the road signs as you go.
Lane Departure Warning
LANE DEPARTURE WARNING - Watch out, you’ll be warned if you drift out of your lane. Unless you’re indicating, the system will remind you to straighten up. While it can detect the faintest road markings, it'll adjust its sensitivity on rural roads to allow for the different driving style required.
Forward Emergency Braking
FORWARD EMERGENCY BRAKING - Depending on speed and situation, Nissan's Forward Emergency Braking system may in certain circumstances reduce the impact of a collision by automatically activating the brakes if you get too close to the car in front of you.
Moving Object Detection
MOVING OBJECT DETECTION - Meet your digital parking co-pilot. This function lets you know if anything is approaching, with its 360 degree coverage – not just objects but children and animals too.
Blind Spot Warning
BLIND SPOT WARNING - What you can't see, Qashqai can. If there's a vehicle in your blind spot area on either side of your car, a warning light will illuminate on the interior door panel. If you're indicating to change lanes and a vehicle is dangerously close, the light will fl ash and you'll hear a warning sound too.
Driver Attention
DRIVER ATTENTION ALERT No risk of nodding off or losing focus: the system judges your concentration levels and fatigue state according to your input and warns you if you need a break with an audible and visible signal.


SMART AND FUNCTIONAL. NissanConnect is incredibly easy to use thanks to the high resolution 7" anti-glare touchscreen. It comes equipped with a rich range of features including audio, navigation and communication functions as well as cutting edge connectivity and smartphone integration features.

CONNECTED WHEREVER YOU GO. NissanConnect offers Smartphone integration. Enjoy an ever evolving list of applications* from the comfort of your Nissan’s display screen, all tailored to enhance your overall driving experience in a safe way.

INTELLIGENT DRIVER ASSISTANCE and navigation functions support you in all kinds of traffic situations with motorway exit views, lane guidance and dynamic re-routing.

STREAMING AUDIO VIA BLUETOOTH®. Enjoy digital radio, Over The Air internet radio, or stream music from your mobile phone. iPOD/ USB INPUT. Plug in your iPod or MP3 player to access your entire music library while you’re on the road.

*Driving is a serious business. Only use NissanConnect services when safe to do so. Some applications shown are not yet available and more will be available at a later date. NissanConnect service subscription required but is available on a complimentary basis for 2 years from purchase . Service and applications only available in select European countries and on select Nissan models. Services and applications may be provided by third parties outside Nissan’s control and are subject to change without notice or liability to Nissan or its agents (including, without limitation, services cancelled/suspended by third parties.) Certain remote functions require compatible phone or device, not included with vehicle. Cellular networks are provided by cellular companies, and are not within Nissan’s control. Cellular networks not available in all areas. Roaming charges and/or data usage charges may apply. Nissan is not responsible for any equipment replacement or upgrades or associated costs that may be required for continued operation due to service changes.

Take it Easy Using 4 Cameras

Around View Monitor delivers a panoramic view around Nissan Qashqai to make reversing and parking a real breeze. Choose a bird’s eye view to check out the lay of the land from above then opt for different dual views while manoeuvring – once you try it you will never want to drive a car without it!

AVOID ANY SCRATCHES. When driving forwards or in reverse, push the camera button to switch off the overhead view for a side view – great for checking how close you are to the kerb.

COVER THOSE BLIND SPOTS. In reverse, see what’s directly behind you and use the overhead view to check for short objects that may otherwise be hidden below your line of vision.

Intelligent Park Assist

PARALLEL PARKING. Drive up, size up your space and if Intelligent Park Assist says ‘OK’, position Nissan Qashqai within the frame and activate automatic manoeuvring for perfect parking.

BAY PARKING. In multi-storey car parks and busy supermarket bays, the Around View Monitor helps you find the best spot and fit. The Intelligent Park Assist system will even reverse park your Nissan Qashqai for you.

Chassis Control - Revel in the Response

CONFIDENT COMPOSURE with Nissan Qashqai intuitive Chassis Control functions to back you up. Nissan’s Chassis Control system delivers responsive and engaging handling, while delivering a smoother ride experience.

Qashqai Chassis Control
  • CHASSIS CONTROL functions are displayed on your TFT display screen: Active Trace Control, Active Engine Brake and Active Ride Control work together to keep you in the driving seat.
  • ACTIVE TRACE CONTROL delivers confident handling when cornering by controlling brake pressure on each wheel to help trace the line of each bend and deliver smooth vehicle responses.
  • ACTIVE ENGINE BRAKE (Xtronic models only) enables smoother cornering and straight-line deceleration for a direct and engaging driving experience.
  • ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL applies subtle braking to restrain uncomfortable upper body motion and enhance ride comfort.

Nissan Pure Drive Technology

Diesel, petrol, 2WD, 4WD, manual or new Xtronic transmission. With Intelligent Stop/ Start and active aerodynamics, you'll benefi t from the dynamic performance of Nissan's Pure Drive technologies combined with low CO2 emissions.

NEW XTRONIC TRANSMISSION - The new Xtronic transmission enhances driving pleasure by providing better acceleration and responsiveness while improving fuel economy.

Accessorise Your Qashqai

Make sure your Nissan Qashqai fits in perfectly with your lifestyle, with a range of accessories to meet almost every need.

Qashqai 360° View

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